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?Occasionally I will share some of Michael’s writings from times past.  This particular writing is from March 2015 and I pray it blesses your heart.

In His Love,

Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

Freedom through Fire with Michael for Life

Without Spot or Wrinkle…

Anything that is God’s will, shall be proven by fire.  Fire removes impurities, which are anything that corrupts.  Many of us have, what I call, “Hidden pride.”  While a small thing and usually is contained in our thought life, it should be rebuked and removed from our lives.  We have lived a life in refinement; however, many fight as soon as the process starts, not knowing it is only for a season so that the one being refined, will be clean and presentable. 

God does not want to lose anyone, He takes no pleasure in death, none at all.  But the flesh takes pleasure in death; strife, revenge, backbiting and all the things of evil that choke the Word of God and Truth desire to overtake us daily.  Most will not consider how much love the Father has for them while in this refining process.  I, for one, see a promise and hope over your lives.  There is a thirst for Truth in each one of you and I am very thankful I can assist you on your walk with Him. 

Remember this, you will face it…  When a person speaks, it comes from the heart.  If a heart is broken, it produces very little good.  “Out of the mouth come the issues of the heart.”  Remember this when people attack you, most are hurting inside.  Encourage the good in all men; be humble as the Father requires, so others will see your Light which is from the Father, Himself.  Be ready so that the Lord may draw His hurting children to you for repair.

We must be ready.  We must overcome the flesh by means of the Lord’s direction and principals.  I, for one, have overcome this flesh in so many ways, only to find it was a choice and not a long process.  I fight daily to suppress and destroy it, that it will never hinder my walk with the Father.  I also, never count losses; rather, I count blessings.  These simple things work, they destroy the flesh that is always counting losses causing one to drown in a sea of regret. 

Jesus’s resurrection gives us a promise and a hope.  He came so we could have life and life more abundantly.  With Him, there is only goodness.  My prayer is that each one of you seize the fullness of knowing Him so service to our Father is made sure in your life for those He sends to you along life’s journey.


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  1. DawnH
    DawnH says:

    There are so many little truths in here that make you wanna go, hmmmm. I first came upon COT late Feb. 2015 and my emotional and spiritual growth has been exponential. I never really questioned trials before (I was so aware of my shortcomings, I figured I deserved them), but Understanding the Father’s way has made me take Joy in them! Thank you for the clarity, Michael, and for posting, Angela!<3


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