Written By ~ Inmate Taterbugs

Christmas is celebrated for many reasons

Mama’s spending Christmas wit hJesus in Heave above

For Jesus Christ is the reason for the season

So I send you Christmas greetings and all of my love.

This is th season to glorify The Christ Child

The perfect gift, The Saviour Prince of Peace King Jesus

And we tell the Christmas Story with a smile

Of the Lord, Saviour and perfect gift with us.

Mama’s spending Christmas with Jesus in Heaven above

Immanuel, The Messiah, The precious Holy Lamb

God’s precious and only son, our Christmas Love

The Son of Jehovah God The Great I Am

Still decorations are up all over town

Christmas songs are playing on the radio

It’s snowing in the mountains and all around

And the weather man is predicting more snow

Even though we are in two worlds far apart

I send you Christmas cheer, Greetings and all my love

You will always be with me and in my heart

As you spend Christmas with Jesus in Heaven above

Mama’s spending Christmas with Jesus in Heaven above

Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas every year

I miss you Mama and send you with all my love

This wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Written by Terry Tatum

Copyright 2019 Terry Tatum

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