Life Saving Shaking ~ Broadcast Transcript from April 17, 2020

Good Morning and HAPPY late RESURRECTION DAY to each of you!  Thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministries Broadcast and what a beautiful day it is to believe in faith this is the day the Lord has made and we shall be glad and rejoice in it, where every day is resurrection day around here.  Amen?  Thankfully, as a child of God we do not need to wait for a particular day or hour to fall on our knees in worship, do we?  For that I am most grateful, aren’t you?  Thank You Jesus – we give You all praise and glory and honor for the magnificent work on the cross which You are solidifying within our hearts and minds, renewing us each and every day.

AL righty then…  Shall we get started?  We have so much go discuss today!  I pray you are blessed, because you surely are highly favored and loved, by me of course, but more importantly by our Father in Heaven, Who sent love down in the word made flesh, His firstborn Son, Jesus.  And Jesus had many siblings didn’t He?  That is YOU!  And me – we are His spiritual family on Earth, just as it is in Heaven.  The Word tells us Jesus was the first of many brethren and my oh my, we are so thankful to be able to worship Him each and every day for only He is worthy to be praised and honored and glorified!  We love You Lord Jesus, with all that we are.

For the first time in a very long time…  I don’t know what to ramble about today… lol…  I know right?  Isn’t that funny?  I’ve been journaling for days now, since we last met and I kept looking for a common thread to all the Lord was showing me in His word.  I must admit – I see no common link here…  Except HIM of course – Jesus is our link in all we seek and love. Amen.  I would say let’s wing it today – but I am so not good at things unplanned…  We will just start at the beginning and see how He leads us to fellowship together and how all this unfolds today.

It seems very appropriate to start with…  the last three words Jesus spoke here on Earth.  Do you all remember what He said?  He said – IT IS FINISHED.  Oh this is gonna be good…  Because I bet you’ve never seen this Scripture this way before.  I know I sure hadn’t until Friday night when He led me to look up that familiar scripture.  Let’s read it:

John 19:30 –

When Jesus therefore HAD RECEIVED THE VINEGAR, he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost.

We are going to come back to that, but first…  What was finished?  What do those three words mean to you?

  • Suffering
  • Pain & Destruction
  • Torment & Sin
  • Betrayal
  • Accusation & the enemy’s influence
  • Physical beatings
  • Shame
  • Being forsaken – abandonment

Jesus had just gone through some of the worst 24 hours of His life…  And all of that was directed at Him, but remember He also took on all our sins, as well, if you can possibly imagine that.  I cannot.

Let’s read what happened right before Jesus said IT IS FINISHED, again.

John 19:30 –

When Jesus therefore HAD RECEIVED THE VINEGAR, he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost.

Vinegar is a bitter wine – and Jesus received it into Himself

All that bitterness He received into Himself, saying it is finished and then He died on the cross.

Bitterness always proceeds death.  Bitterness is like poison to the body, BUT, this is a HUGE revelation here…  When Jesus said it was finished, it means all that bitterness which tries to torment us day and night was put to death with Him on the cross and cannot be resurrected unless of course, we bring it back to life in our hearts and minds.  By Jesus taking it inside Himself, He becomes the bearer of all bitterness which attempts to have control over us and we are set free in Him.

Bitterness leads to drunkenness…  Being not sober in the mind – not thinking straight, double-minded and when drunk we do weird things, don’t we, like imagining things and accusing others?

But Jesus is our way of escape out of all that torment and yet…  We do not know Him intimately enough to drink only from Him – our well of everlasting life.  When He is not on the throne of our hearts, it shows, because we want everything and everyone else to complete us and make us whole.  Some of us have yet to approach that cross due to fear, let alone lay down all our burdens at His feet. 

Every single sin can be traced back to one thing – FEAR.  Which is why we need His perfect love to cast out all fear.  Love cannot be taught, love is a knowing, deep inside the heart and soul.  We hold onto sinful old creature ways out of fear.  And until we fear not what man can do to us, but only our Father…  Our lives are gonna be a little topsy-turvy, drunkenness. 

I repent for really asking the Lord to do more for me when He already did it all.  I feel really sorrowful how I would murmur and complain in my heart and mind about what I do not have, when He already gave me everything.  I had a “vinegar” heart for a very long time and to be honest… I didn’t care that Jesus said my old life was finished…  I wanted what I wanted and how I wanted it – Lord forgive me again.  Bitterness is like quicksand and will pull us under if we do not purposely step out of the snare of its grip. 

Our Lord is so amazing that He is not asking us to do anything to be saved, knowing it is already ready finished – He simply is asking us to RECEIVE HIM.  Will we receive Him or not?  We make excuse after excuse, like I will, but not today – today I am miserable, naked and blind… But tomorrow, yes Lord I will receive You.  We really, really say these things in our hearts don’t we?  I am as guilty as the thief on the cross next to Jesus…  As Jesus suffered and died for us to GIVE US LIFE and we say, No… I prefer to lay on my deathbed and deny Your Name over picking up my diseased comfort and walk to the healing waters of You.  Forgive us Lord.  Some of you get what I am saying and if you are carrying people around, when they actually should be walking themselves to Jesus and if they are capable of walking at all… Then you are doing them a complete disservice of hindrance to comfort them with a lie.  Jesus died for all, not some, but for all who seek Him – it isn’t hard to seek Jesus, not at all.  People just say those words to manipulate you – a child barely learning to walk can find Jesus, everything that has breath can praise Him, the grass bows before Him… Anyone who seeks Him, shall find Him. Period.

Again… bitterness proceeds death.  It did for Jesus as an example for what it will do to us.  Everyone must choose eternal life or death for themselves.  Please hear me on this – but if someone prefers death over life, it is NOT because Jesus did not do all He could to draw them to Himself.  He even leaves the 99 to go after the 1.  I really feel like people get saved in spite of us, not because of us quite often.  We often are so fearful of a little pain when the old creature dies that we will keep reviving that old nature in others, interfering and delaying their rebirthing process.  I pray the Lord continue to instruct us more in His ways and commands and raise us up to be workers during this end time harvest.  Was that too harsh?  I am sorry if I offended anyone, but Jesus truly finished all sin upon the cross for us – the problem is we just don’t believe it in our minds and our hearts deceive us to thinking repentance died when He rose from the dead three days later.  Actually, quite the opposite is true.  The new creature walks continually in repentance – otherwise, it would not be a new creature.  Make sense?

I think we’ve done the mixture (vinegar) thing long enough… Don’t you?

Pure, true and good fruit looks just like Jesus – we do produce fruit by the way – which are things that manifest at our hands, good or bad, by our wills, thoughts, actions, minds, hearts…  Anything we say or do that does not look just like what Jesus said or did is profane or bad fruit.  We often feel withered and weak when we are seeking an outside source to replenish us.

Jesus will never, ever be IN MIXTURE… Jesus vomits the lukewarm out… MIXTURE, vinegar – what HE RECEIVED INTO HIMSELF… oh boy… My heart is beating fast… You all with me?  We read earlier it was the mixture of VINEGAR (bitter wine & water) He received INTO HIMSELF then died on the cross…  Fast forward to Revelation and guess what Jesus vomits out of His mouth??? The lukewarm – mixture – hot/cold or bitter wine… those who are drunk on bitterness…  ugh… You all with me?  He took it in on the cross and will spew it out at His coming… This is huge!

Lukewarm are SHOWING CHRIST TO OTHERS but not LIVING AS CHRIST authentically. Hot and cold is being on fire for Him one minute and lethargic the next.

Some might say… they are doing outward works and uttering Him with their lips (false prophets, teachers, preachers, followers, witnesses, performing miracles), but their hearts are far from Him.  But enough about that – today is the day of Salvation for us all – to seek Him with our whole hearts, with all that we are – knowing that is enough.  He wants to break those chains in our minds that speak to us in opposition to His word, casting down all imaginations.  There is no condemnation in Jesus – He is for life, those other thoughts are just weeds sown into us by the enemy that things are still left undone… When Jesus said, it is finished.  It is a web of lies in our minds which tell us we must rise to meet Jesus by performance when He said we must bow before Him in humility.

He created us as vessels for Him to dwell in, not for works either.  Once He indwells within us His works follow, like a shadow.  The works do not announce Jesus is among us, they follow us after He is revealed.  Remember the shadow of the apostles healed?  Like I have said before – a shadow does not have a voice, it just is…  Man forces things, Jesus just is…  It is only fresh waters which heal, in which Jesus is the only source.  We do not have to make something happen, like water it flows but is not forceful and remember… Wells don’t chase people down – wells are constantly in the same place and people come to them to drink.

Jesus is so very kind and loving, desiring none perish – I mean none – not even the worst of all the sinners on Earth does He want to perish.  We need to lose that fear that He needs us to save others, which is works based.  He does use us to plant seeds of truth, grow others and comfort others, but the saving belongs solely to Him, because victory belongs to only Him – not ourselves, a part from Him – what can we really do anyway?  Jesus is that well of never ending fresh water which flows out continually and freely to all who desire to partake of Him and when we abide in Him, He pours out through us too.  To prosper as our souls prosper simply means, Jesus is established on the throne of our hearts so that out of our hearts flows Him.  We decrease in that He may increase and yielding to Him is a requirement of prospering.  If rebellion still remains within us it will serve as an obstacle to yielding completely to Him, we will not decrease as we should and continually be wrestling with ourselves, our flesh man and even God.  Remember our study on Jacob?  Until Jacob fully surrendered he was not blessed.  To be blessed resembled communing with the Lord, being naturally supernatural.

Remember the 2 trees in the Garden?  I am sure you all are tired of me talking about them…  Adam and Eve were given only 1 command, just one – which was to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  One simple command.  The other Tree was the Tree of Life = Jesus, of which flows waters of everlasting life.  The Father knew that knowing of evil would destroy one’s innocence – He also knew it was not a requirement to know of evil to follow the Lord.  That one simple command to keep their eyes closed to darkness – where everything was permissible, they didn’t even know they were naked, because at that time everything was pure.  They say curiosity kills that cat, well that day it killed all humanity, over just their disobedience, innocence was tainted.  We lose our innocence each and every time we partake in knowledge of evil, the mixture resembles lukewarm, don’t you agree?  Good mixed with evil has impurities in it, just like hot mixed with cold is a mixture.  And this is exactly what spots and blemishes our garments.  Anyone thirsty for righteousness drinks what?  Righteous waters gleaned from only the Tree of Life.  And remember… to the pure, all things are pure – one must have darkness within them to seek and see darkness.  We can partake of something with our eyes and ears, not just our mouth.

We know lucifer is the father of all liars.  When anyone partakes of his fruit of knowledge… guess who manifests in and through that person?  Him.  Just like when we partake of Jesus, we abide with Him through our decrease so that He manifests through us.  Don’t forget there are two types of vessels… One key indicator of just who is manifesting is who is being glorified.  Lucifer feeds the ego so that one boasts on themselves.  Jesus feeds the Spirit and we then boast on the Lord.  Again, there are vessels of honor and dishonor – depending on which kingdom you abide in, that is who you present to others.

The lukewarm right now are in the Valley of Decision, just like we spoke about last week.  During this shaking right now it is forcing a choice upon all those who haven’t made one yet.  We are either for Him or against Him and right now it is quite revealing who is who by manifested actions, no matter the words they speak.  Darkness is being uncovered by the Light and many are found naked.  Once revealed openly one can either find some fig leaves to cover yourself and hide from the Lamb or else be covered by the blood of Lamb on the doorposts of our hearts.  Everything which is hidden will be revealed in the coming days because the darker the World gets, the brighter the lights of Jesus shine.  It might be a good idea to get in placement to hide ourselves under the shadow of the almighty until this indignation passes.

Next…  Let’s talk a little about this “shaking…”  Because more is on the way and it is growing in intensity.  When the Heavens shake first, like an echo it will reach Earth and the lands respond.  There is a word He gave me in which He called what is happening – The Saving Shaking.  He is saving souls all over the place and if we get our focus off what evil is doing we shall see spiritually the fruit the Lord is ripening.

It is our merciful Father pleading with all the inhabitants of the Earth as He shakes things a bit to awaken the masses to bow a knee and repent.  Shaking cultivates an authentic and intimate relationship with Jesus to be free in the Spirit through the circumcision of the heart to repent.  I am sure you can see it now, can’t you?  It has been a very long time since people were so free and open to prayer and calling upon the Name of the Lord…  Which is just enough – that is all He asks, that His people humble themselves, pray and seek His face…  And it is happening – more people are humbling themselves and openly seeking Him since I can ever remember.  So if you look at the bigger picture right now, I would say the fruit of the Children of God are popping up all over the place.  It often takes the direst of circumstances for a heart to cry Abba Father in truth, sadly.

All superficial devices are being revealed, sheep’s clothing is being stripped from wolves, wells without water are being dried up and laid bare so people do not drink from them anymore, our own works are coming down, people are returning to their first love Jesus having sole dependence on Him and His children are now beginning to honor Him with their hearts and lips and if not remain silent.

Jesus is here to take back what is rightfully His own and it is only going to get increasingly more intense from here on out because He does not relent.  Jesus’s ultimate plan from the beginning of time was to save lost souls and with these winds of change His presence is getting bolder and bolder.  He is gathering His people unto Himself – it sort of resembles a birthing of unity in the Spirit of those who worship Him in the love of the truth.  We know His remnant will rise, although many of us have been hidden in ashes for a bit.  Those who do fall away will do so mainly because they look to another to be saved, for explanation or solutions, while seeking to save their own lives, refusing to repent from wicked ways and pride.  And those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes have faith and hope that He is our only salvation.  We fear no death, knowing to die is gain and how much better it is be present with the Lord than to be in this body of flesh.

The lost church will increasingly fall into a pit with the enemy, keeping their eyes on one another – for answers and accusations until they devour and consume each other by finger pointing and a lustful desire to be right they will eventually consume one another.  They will conform to man who gives instruction over conforming to Christ and His set exampled ways, because they are used to an instant blessing, rather than the patience of the Saints.  The Father will again decree the tables of the money changers in His church to be overturned.  Those ministries who partake in mixture right now and are first are soon to be last while the Father ushers in His remnant for the Harvesting of His own seed.

It is time to kiss the Son, lest He manifest in anger.  It is for our good that every single thing which is of a higher priority than Jesus is being shaken down, so that He has His rightful place on the Throne of our hearts.  We are at a crossroads unmatched at the moment…  a T in the road so to speak… 

First came the trembling and shaking to reveal the crossroads… We can go down one of two ways…

The Narrow Way which leads to life everlasting or the Broadway which leads to destruction.

The awesome part about this shaking is the wakeup call for those who blindly were heading down towards the broad way by wandering off the straight and narrow way – Wow, its amazing just how loving and merciful our Father is, He sent us His precious Son to give us life and all we have to do is receive Him.

Anytime someone begins to imagine a “vain” thing… they immediately begin to rebel against the Lord, they wrestle internally against flesh and Spirit. 

Remember when we learned:

Who you bow down to is who you worship

Who you worship is who you love

Who you love reveals the Kingdom you belong to.

Whether you are from lucifer’s kingdom or God’s you follow this same chain of command

Now remember… lucifer is the most subtle of all the beasts, he is very tricky and since he cannot corrupt us, he tricks us into corrupting ourselves.  The Who in this pattern we just spoke about is self/ego, because that is the fruit he produces… Remember?  He fell because he desired to be as god… I just want us to be clear here… Bowing down to yourself and desires is a form of self-worship and most certainly is the broad way.

BROADWAY –                                               NARROW WAY –

Saves flesh                                                   Saves your soul

Tares – burned up         HARVEST        Wheat – gathered together

Serves Self                                                   Serves Jesus

Each and every shaking we experience in this life is a real blessing of mercy and grace upon us, helping us to humble ourselves and seek His face.

This is so amazing – Thank You Lord for breaking off the mindsets set as chains upon us as we seek You.

Just for clarification – There is an extreme difference in CORRECTION vs CONDEMNATION and many are unaware, walking around in offense.  We may talk more about this at a later date, but correction is actually being led by the Good Shephard Jesus and is a rightful blessing of the children of God.  Condemnation says – nothing you do is good enough… well, duh – nothing we do is good enough, to save us.  You see how the enemy speaks a lie into our minds that is truth, but laden with accusation?  If offense was not present, we would receive that truth just as it was stated…  But offense which is always based in pride (fruit of the enemy) pushes us to come into agreement with his lies about us and because we hide ourselves in shame the offense has the intensity it needs to catch fire.  Freely given, freely received without offense… None is righteous, we need His.  If you are offended, then you are under condemnation still trying to pry yourself out of death by works and earn your way to Jesus.

The Father corrects His children and to His children who seek to be pleasing that is a beautiful embracing process of pure love.  The gift He is offering is repentance and that too is beautiful.  Repentance simply means admitting your shortcomings before the One who already knows them with a humble and contrite heart.  You see why we avoid it?  It is not we care for Him to know we still have spots and blemishes of sin, He sees everything we do and knows every thought but we are washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb….  We still have a prideful piece within us which seeks to save our own lives and we do not like to admit we cannot do something on our own… If the enemy can trick us that we are being condemned – we won’t even try to seek Jesus the only one who can save our souls.

We certainly are that TEMPLE made not by human hands with walls and such, Jesus is the door guarding His house, so today of all days it is a great reminder to keep JESUS at the center of everything in our lives.

Shaking is the Season we are in at the moment – Then being weighed in the balance through the choices we make to rebel against God or repent before Him – Kingdom fruit is witnessed by others – God’s Kingdom or lucifer’s – it depends on who you serve (Jesus or self).

Now please listen closely for just a minute —- The magnitude or force of shaking you personally feel is the exact measurement of rebellion which still remains in you.

Rebellion meaning, trusting man or self over God when tribulations come upon us like waves.

Please, please remember – the Father is doing this for us, not against us! 

Why?  So that when everything is shaken, only that which remains in us is JESUS, unmovable and eventually unshakeable – so that we abide continually in HIS KINGDOM.

What falls off?  Self!

Shaking rises up the Bride to awaken and heed her Bridegroom’s call.  She hears His voice above all others, she follows Him wherever He goes so that He becomes her strength and finds utter and complete JOY IN HIM above all else…  He is taking an adulterous Bride, purifying her, formulating her to be equally yoked with Him, faithful and ready to be JOINED FOR MARRIAGE at the consummation.  My guess is – if we all really knew what was truly awaiting before us we would be jumping for joy in the shaking and asking for more and a quickening.  Now I am getting excited… lolol

Repeat after me:  Jesus is for me, not against me.  I am a child of God, He watches over me continually.

Remember this next time someone who says they believe in Jesus approaches with you a complaint in their heart – remember this if I complain to you, comfort one another with these words – which are truth to override all the whispered lies of the enemy.

Really quick, let’s just point out some manna words out of Psalm 46 –

  • The Lord is our refuge and our strength
  • He is purging all hypocrisy out of us for our good
  • There are times the Lord ordains us to rest by ceasing from our own labors
  • When our hearts are one with Jesus we do His works not our own in order to be pleasing in His sight
  • As His ambassadors and witnesses we point only to Jesus and His Kingdom
  • And we remember just how much our actions do reflect the truth of us so that we repent when it is time to repent and press on when He leads us to forget that which is behind us – our old nature.

You see… It already is finished…  Time for us to stop resurrecting that old man and run to Jesus to free us so we are indeed free, not just talking about freedom, but walking in the freedom He has set before us.

Once we were sinners, but now… turned Saint, no longer desiring to sin – repenting as soon as we do, it surely is finished.

A sinner sins and feels no remorse or need to repent.  A saint sins and immediately goes to the Savior for forgiveness.  If your conscience is seared and you can lie, steal, slander, commit adultery, murder, rule over others, just to name a few and not feel some sort of guilt – drop everything and run to Jesus before it is too late.  Jesus finished for us all desire to sin, we are already free, we just need to believe it.  The wages of sin is death and that is exactly what Jesus defeated on the cross.

Okay… Well here we are at the end of today’s broadcast.  I pray it blesses you as you walk faithfully hand in hand each day with Jesus.

Before I go, lets pray the Lord’s Prayer together as one body of believers, the same and yet different and uniquely created and formed by His majestic hands.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name, 
thy kingdom come, 
thy will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 
And forgive us our trespasses, 
as we forgive those
who trespass against us. 

And lead us not into temptation, 
but deliver us from evil. 

For thine is the kingdom, 
and the power, and the glory, 
for ever and ever. Amen.

Like always, I cannot thank those of you enough who have supported ROF Ministries by covering prayers, words of encouragement or financial blessings.  No matter the gift you have, many of you do not hold back and I cannot praise the Lord enough for each of you.  Please feel free to contact me at or visit for updates, prayer requests and/or to sow into our ministry, as we keep on healing hearts His way together in the unity of love for the glory of only His Name.

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