Laying It To Heart ~ Broadcast Transcript from June 21, 2020

Good Morning and God Bless you all – thank you for joining me today on this ROF Ministry Broadcast.  Well, another week has passed us by and we are still here – occupying until Jesus comes and praying, seeking Him and learning more of His ways while we wait.  I wish I could say things have settled somewhat, yet they haven’t – but thankfully, when we are established within Jesus in our hearts – even when the waves or people are roaring… It will not come nigh our dwelling places – and again, where does He dwell?  Inside the heart – just like we learned last week.

Before we get started, I first want to honor all the fathers out there listening today, whether they be spiritual or natural and say thank you for your love, instruction, guidance and covering and with that I too want to say thank you to the males in our lives who walk in the compassion and love of Jesus among us as a demonstration of His strength and gentleness and cover us who are sisters in our time of need.  May you all have a very blessed and restful day in the Lord Jesus and know you are appreciated and loved and your willingness to come along beside us does not go unnoticed.

Okay, we are gonna step off today from where we left off last week, talking about the souls which cry out in a sea of lawlessness.  And just when you don’t think lawlessness can abound anymore – here we are a week later and it seems to have somehow managed to hit an all-time high.  Help us Lord Jesus to be those souls who cry out to You, praying for Your divine intervention and giving You glory for Your mighty hand, knowing without You it would be so very much worse.

I think I mentioned last week – I kept hearing in my Spirit the Lord tell me – “My people do not lay my words to heart…”  So that is the basis of our study this morning.  And lo and behold this Scripture is found in Malachi Chapter 2.  So let’s start there.

Malachi 2 

And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you.

  • This is a commandment specifically for someone who speaks God’s word to others MESSENGERS – it is even applicable if you are a layperson or ordained or even pagan, which I found interesting

If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart.

  • Twice in one verse he mentions “laying THE LAW to heart” so IT here is the law and commands of our Father – we see this in Malachi Chapter 1 vs. 6-7 which says – the law of TRUTH was in his mouth and no iniquity was found in his lips because he walked with Me in peace and equity (no partiality – picking one side of another) and turned many away from iniquity.  He keeps knowledge and is THE MESSENGER of the Lord of hosts.  Wow!  So if you counted yourself out of this commandment, better think again!
  • We will really get into laying something to heart after bit – but for now it simply means – taking God’s words seriously, into your heart, not just head to mouth and then applying what He said by demonstration.
  • A warning also comes with this verse – a warning to hear – meaning to receive what the Lord tells us and to apply it, walk it out, to fulfill His commands, just as Jesus did.

It goes on to say examples of others who did not hear and how they wearied the Lord with their own words, outwardly before men they approached the alter in weeping but guess what they did to kindle the Lord’s anger?  They dealt treacherously with their wives/others close to them… Lord have mercy. 

To deal treacherously with someone means to:  offend, be covert, unfaithful, depart from, commit fraud against, compare or keep hidden. 

Wowzers!  So let’s take this word and apply it – two key words here… showing partiality and dealing treacherously with others because there is way too much of this going on right now.  And why?  Well like we discussed last week – the love of the majority is going away, therefore, lawlessness is abounding. 

But being messengers for the Lord, we should be non hypocrital in nature looking all holy then participating in such speech or acts which are contrary to who?  Our Father.  WE should never, ever show partiality, taking sides, but rather standing on the solid rock of truth – Jesus.  Being that love voice of reason, sowing peace into all lives we come into contact with.  To be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem and to rise above it all, trading ashes for the beauty of the Lord.

Real quick let’s read Malachi Chapter 3 verse 1 which brings this story full circle… Behold, I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord, whom you seek shall suddenly come to His temple, even the messenger of the covenant who you delight in; behold He shall come, says the Lord of hosts.

So we have 2 types of messengers here – the first being a messenger of those who profane, deceive, deal treacherously with others (lets call them agents/messengers of satan) and then we have God’s messengers who PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD and how?  By setting the way in which He walks, talks, leads, treats others, is compassionate, peaceful and loving with mercy and grace.  When the whole World looks at us – they should see Jesus demonstrated, which is how we prepare the way for the Lord.

But something I loved about this particular Scripture – again, we get confirmation of HIM COMING WITHIN US AS BEING THE TEMPLE.  Whoever is ruling and reigning from within us, in our hearts is definitive of who we are in covenant with (good or evil) and we will replicate that higher power here on Earth as the vessel or messenger or agent on their behalf.  Serve God, do good, serve satan, do evil practices.  So simple a child can understand it.

But why are God’s people not taking His words and commands seriously?  Why do we hear with our ears but not apply what He says in our hearts?  Why are they not, laying to heart what is already written as a guiding light which illuminates our path and journey with Him?  Who we love is who we serve, we already know this.  I have mentioned in passing the mark of the beast starts in the heart, sadly the god of forces is having his way with many I just had no idea or preparation to receive.  Honestly, I wish it wasn’t even an election year in these already fragile moments in time.  It is like the god of forces is influencing so many to choose a side and all that he is offering does not even consider Jesus as a choice.  It is really heartbreaking to watch.  So you all remember – no matter what snare is laid, do not proclaim your allegiance to anyone or anything or even any party affiliation for that matter.  Just bow your knee and heart and mind to One Savior – Jesus, because only He is Lord.  We are on the precipice of our Father tearing down all golden statues His people bow to.

At the time this Scripture was written, the people in Israel were Godly as a majority, they followed the laws and were very religious, however, they lost something… Their hearts, their love and fear of the Lord ran cold, dissipated – they no longer glorified Him in truth which manifested by them no longer being their brother’s keeper and walking in love on to another.  This phrase in Hebrew means – because they did not establish it upon their heart. 

Laying it to heart, in addition to what we already discussed, means:

To lay – means to establish – We must always do our best practices to firmly give only God glory and the amazing thing about all this is it involves GOD’S LOVE to us, in us and through us, always being established in it through His dwelling within us.  Did you know the word glory in this passage means – heavy burden of love?  Wow… thank You Lord for this truth.

And I know for me personally and likely many of you, truthfully, it is a burden to love those who abuse, deal treacherously with us or others, who are mean, spiteful, vengeful, full of deceit and such.  But Jesus’s burden is light and so will ours be when we love others with His love flowing through us outwardly.  On our own, separate of Him, we really cannot love anyone for too long, especially our enemies and even our children or spouses sometimes.  Our human love is simply just too conditional and changing, depending on what is influencing our moods at any given time.  I am finding it is only through my surrendering fully to Jesus can I really love anyone in truth and purity.  Without Him we will eventually deal treacherously with others, we have way too much partiality in our flesh natures to overcome all things separate of Him.  We love ourselves way too much – whether we want to admit it or not, we all do.

The Father created us with the natural instinct to express love to others, since we are created in His image, we are in Him, He is in us and therefore, we too carry a debt of love or rather a burden of love.  If we do not pour this love out to others due to spite, vengeance, unforgiveness, fear or laziness or whatever the case may be… It will become very very heavy indeed and we will feel like we are bound, walking in quicksand.

Think how the Father must feel… Have you ever been in a lopsided relationship where you were the only one holding it together?  It is like if you let go and stopped pouring love into it – it would fall completely apart?  Do you remember pouring and pouring into the other person and the sickening rejection feeling you felt?  Like your love was wasted and yet you kept giving and giving in hopes the other person would cherish you?  In the smallest of ways – we can understand just how our Father feels when we reject Him and His perfect love, which is His Son Jesus… Love came down to Earth through Jesus, just for us!  And we are worthy of His love, but do we receive it or curse it?  What I mean here is…  Do we recognize just how special we are that the Father would offer us His prize possession and Son, Jesus and do we just simply cherish this gift, laying it to heart fully and saying thank You, You do love me and I am okay.  Of course we do not lift ourselves up, but it is also time to stop beating ourselves to a pulp as well.  And I am the worst at this sometimes, I need much self-correction in this matter for sure.  So I am going to try to do better and I sure hope you will join me.

I feel bad the Father offered me His best and I told Him no thank You, I am trash.  Of course we are all like filthy rags BEFORE Jesus – but we know Him now and through HIM we are righteous, without Him we are not.  It isn’t about us being Holy, it is that He already is Holy, indwelling inside us like a consuming fire, purifying our hearts and purging out of us every single speck which does not reflect the Image of Him.  When we curse ourselves while being transformed into His image, we curse the gift of Him which makes it all possible.

I’ve said this many times before, but we do not get clean and come to Jesus, we come to Him filthy dirty and He cleans us up like fuller’s soap, just as it is written.  We must get this truth and quickly, because the enemy does not want us to know who we are in Jesus so that we stay distracted by things of the World, like elections and protests and aliens and crazy things…

Once we are cleaned up by Jesus, we become a pleasant offering to the Lord on High.  Pray to know you are worthy, because you were worthy enough the most Holy thing on Heaven and Earth died just for you – yes, you!

Those who practice being treacherous will be judged so very harshly.  We don’t want to be caught unaware in this trap of iniquity – but it is our own choice who we serve.  We do have a choice.  Because when He comes it will be swift and against those who practice sorcery (enchantment of idols), adultery, swear falsely, who oppose slaves or servants financially or females without a husband or children without fathers to protect and guide them – these offenders are on the Father’s target list BECAUSE THEY LOST THEIR FEAR OF THE LORD.  Knowing the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, I really believe we all could do much better at taking it more seriously or rather, laying it to heart when we are dealing with other human beings.  Partiality needs to stop and we should as Jesus followers be that example and not through legislation either.  You cannot ever legislate love…. Legislate actually means to force.  We can’t force love can we?  Ever try to make someone love you?  Well, that doesn’t work very well, does it?  Oh and by the way, showing partiality to one over another means also, giving attention or preferring one over another.  Like what you see happening right now before your very eyes – time to wake up and sober up and not get sucked into a right or left ditch you can’t get out of, I am wondering just how many can handle God’s truth which shatters the complexities of the ways of this World?  The curtain has been pulled back now, do you see how small the wizard really is hiding behind the magnified voice of force?

And just in case we need a little more convincing – We need to understand something else that happens when we practice behaviors which do not align with what we see our Father in Heaven doing.  Anytime we have envy, bitterness, strife or self-gratifying truths in our hearts we grieve the Holy Spirit and when He is grieved we have a prison mindset to join with a mob.  But something we must understand, when we surround ourselves with the brethren who do have the Holy Spirit residing within them – if our own words or actions grieve Him, they too become grieved inside their hearts and pull away from us.  Now when this happens we may feel a sort of rejection and if not understood become offended.  I see this happen quite often in chat for example.  May we all be slow to speak and quick to listen.

I am getting all this I am about to share still out of the Book of Malachi by the way…  It goes on to give us a beautiful promise:

Chapter 3, verses 16-18, I will paraphrase…

Then they that fear the Lord treat others the way He would.  Period.  There is no gray area on this one.  When we fear the Lord together we speak to one another and are heard.  In the Book of Remembrance are those who think upon His name continually.  The Lord says these will be mine as jewels and be spared on that day when He returns to discern between the wicked and the righteous, between those who serve Him and those who serve Him not.

It is my prayer we not just assume we are worthy to stand before Jesus, but truly lay it to heart and pray we are.  May He not come as a thief to His own unsuspecting church which is caught up in Worldly Kingdom distractions instead of loving His appearing and looking for it day in and day out.

Real quick – the Lord laid something on my heart to share yesterday about the Publicans mentioned in the Bible.

They were heavily steeped in the politics of the World during that time and even today.  Some called them tax collectors, orchestrating hush money – they could be bought or sold with money or were the ones who made such things happen, they would bring forth false charges against others for self-gain.  The Bible says they were traitors and apostates, defiled by frequent intercourse (mingling under the guise of religion for gain) with the heathen and willing tools to be used by those who want to oppress others by power.  Jesus called those in these highest positions the Chief of the publicans…  Interesting how even in our Nation we use that word “chief” in the naming of high political positions.  They were direct descents from the Roman Empire, however, they are seen today in the politics of our Nation. Are you awake yet?

This is something I personally do not entertain or engage in whatsoever for a few reasons.  One being, their whole presentation is based on “accusation and insults” spoken one to another and often what they accuse one another of is false or partially true.  Their main tactic is putting one another to an open shame.  And they do all this because they have an insatiable power trip within them called ego.  You can mask it however you want to – but this most certainly is the truth.  Also, the enemy uses them as his vessels to force people to choose sides, divide by strife and cause contention through demonstrating partiality.  They stand on a platform to tickle the ears of who will listen and vote them in, while vainly speaking of the Lord on High for self-gain.

To be so forcefully for one person or another shows a lack in Faith our Father appoints all leaders and remember, we get the leader we deserve.

Yesterday Michael and I were talking about those who are under the spell of politics and why?  You may not like this very much, but those who so forcefully push agendas and people to the point of offense have something within them which they find commonality with, like a familiarity with the publican they are upholding.  Darkness gravitates to darkness, light gravitates to light – may we not cling to that which is unholy in such a way.  May the Lord purge of all darkness so that when satan comes may he find nothing within us to hold onto.  May we seek life and uphold it void of partiality to a party or person affiliation and understand we cannot legislate love, but we can pray for a heart change at the Father’s touch to fall upon all those who inhibit the Nations of the World, realizing only the Father can make that happen.  May God’s children arise in understanding that we are in the World and not of it.

The next six months are going to be very spiritually and physically tumultuous – Are we ready?  Are we on one side?  The side of Jesus, loving the truth, Him, Who is the way, the truth and the life?  If we are not quite so sure where our placement with Him is, today is a great day to rededicate our lives and hearts to Him in truth, not for gain, but in awe of His majesty.

Well that is going to do it for me today.  Again, I want to wish all the fathers out there a very blessed and joyful Father’s Day and may you be honored for all the goodness you share with others.  Next week we will not have a broadcast, as I will be spending time with family for my birthday, so we will take a one week break.  In the meantime, I pray you all are blessed in the love and forgiveness of Jesus, sowing seeds of His love in the hearts and minds of others so that your own personal joy may be made full.

If you are so led, please keep ROF Ministries uplifted in your prayers and for those who stand with us I truly appreciate your lovingkindnes and support which enables us to keep healing hearts His way.  If you need to contact me, my email is: and for sowing seed of love just visit where you can find a link to our paypal or mailing address.

Love and Bless each of you – have a glorious day in the Lord Jesus!

Before I go, I am going to play a quick audio Jodi made recently.  It is very short, but I have been encouraging her for a long time to start releasing all the Lord is giving her and she finally is starting to do so.  Yay!

Love you all!

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