Inmate Prayer Requests~

Willie Franklin – I would like for you all to pray for my family and loved ones. And pray for me to get my act right so I can go home to my loved ones and child. Thank you.

Glen Finaker – I would like for you to pray for us all to love one another and to do all we can to follow our Lord Jesus Christ’s footsteps. Again, let us all pray, pray, pray for love, love love. Thank You Father God!

Brother Daniel – My father’s woman, Julie, is sick with brain tumors and chemo they gave her six months to life. My dad, Danny, has been sober for over a year now. Pray that if she does die, he doesn’t go back to drinking.

James Harkins – I pray for the wisdom to understand God’s plan and to see it clearly. For the protection of my children and that they are raised as Christians with good morals and beliefs. I pray for all my family as well as my enemies.

A. Harper – Praises to God! I would like prayer for my sister, she’s dealing with some unfortunate issues. Pray that the Lord open up doors and move in her favor and for strength and guidance.

Victor Reynolds – Requesting prayer for my family and my release from prison.

Adrian Dobbins – I need prayer, please lift me up. Its a struggle for me in the flesh, but the devil is a liar. Amen.

Brother Rogers – Pray I have a closer walk with the Lord and make parole.

Eric Small – Pray I be a better husband and obedient of good advice.

Louis A. Payne – Pray that Jesus touch my grandpa for a positive release from prison, hopefully soon.

Edward Deleon – I pray for those brothers going home or to the half-way house. A new chapter in their free life. I also pray for my two son’s (Andrew/Brandon) that are doing a great work helping each other. For my son, Anthony, who is a mentor in a faith based program at the Torres Unit.

Brother Hines – Please pray for my family to come together and pray for me for medical release and go home to my family. Pray for my dialysis to get better.

Brother A.A.A. – I would like to pray for everybody that’s doing bad, including myself. I ask God to forgive me for lusting and these negative thoughts.

Kevin Hall – Praying for the love of God to shine in my heart and let His love and blessings overtake me. May God’s grace and mercy touch the people who have anything to do with my appeal and that it is granted.

Brother Manuel – Pray for me and my family and for me to make parole.

Brother Lopez – When I gave my life to God in 2003 in the free world, I started going to church that had a lot of love for each other, I was so blessed by it. My prayer is that God would do the same for all the prison churches as we carry God’s love not only when its church time, but all the time, until eternity.

Walter Franklin – Pray the medication I take for my hip works and that God will forgive me for the sins I’ve done.

Brother Tyler – Please Jesus send help, thank You for blessing me.

J. Carder – To fully learn to trust God, my mother’s health, to finish this program, to love others and do God’s will.

Roberto Garza – I would like prayer for my family, for my release and to get better with God.

Robert Lucio – I pray for myself and my loved ones and I thank the Lord for blessing me.

Trevor Hilburn – Please pray for my kids to be safe and healthy and also for my parents. And please pray for my psyche problem to go away.

Troy Caldwell – I ask for prayer for my business (wrecker service) that I want to start when released to spread the Gospel.

Ivan Apodaca – I want prayers to stay out of prison and find a good job.

Brother ET – Please pray for my release.

Nikk Velez – Pray the Lord gives me the strength and willpower to stay focused on the purpose and for Him to keep me healthy so I can be my best. I want to be successful in His Kingdom.

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