In His Footsteps… Seriously- WWJD?


Let brotherly LOVE continue.

Hebrews 13:1

I must admit I am often a self proclaimed follower of Jesus.  However, if I am honest with myself, at times I need to take a closer look internally and see…  Do my “Footsteps” match His?

Jesus spoke often about when our walks do not match our talks, I think He called those people, “Hypocrites.”  Oh how many times a day I catch myself with love words void of demonstration as I seek to follow Him closer on this tumultuous journey called life here on Earth.  With all the evil intentions of the masses enveloping the inhabitants of the World these days, if left to our own devices we too could slip along the way so easily.  Emotions can lead us to declare justice, when Jesus would remain silent or stay silent when He would have spoken and we all know way too many people are in a whirlwind of emotions right now…  Reacting, rather than flowing with the guidance of Him.

Jesus said – It is impossible that offenses not come.  So I am asking myself…  Just what would Jesus do if by some chance He were able to get offended?  We all know it is unfeasible for Jesus to even be offended, as He operated in the fullness of perfect love in every thought, action and response – even to evil.  Maybe a better way to approach this subject is…  What would Jesus direct me to do when I am bothered by someone else’s actions?  Before you give up and just collapse at the thought of ever reaching a reactive free life, stick with me for just a moment.

Reflect back over the course of the past months to a year.  What do you see?  Do you see how He is molding you and perfecting you in the smallest of ways to be more like Him?  Growth is a continual and often so gradual we do not see progress until we look back to who we used to be [old creature nature] to who we are today in Him [new creature].  Therefore I challenge you to believe, our emotional reactions can be subdued to come into alignment with His will too.  We are all a beautiful work of art, by guided hands of the divine.

The pressing…  Sometimes He is influencing me so much with a message to deliver it is overwhelming.  This would be one of those times.

In order we let brotherly love CONTINUE, we must stop reacting to anything we deem as evil.  Emotional viewpoints will place us on shaky ground to call evil, good and good, evil.  In our vain imaginations we start to believe things are true which are not, we set preconceived notions in motion against someone and often try to take others down this path with us because love loss equals loneliness and we gain comfort in a crowd.  I am reminded of the mobs that gathered around calling for the death of Jesus in the same manner – and He still He did not get offended.  These days it appears the smallest of doings by another rises up emotions within us that are not in line with the Holy Spirit.

If our response to anything is not:

Full of JOY

Infused to establish PEACE

SUFFERING LONG for the benefit of another

Delivered in the purest of GENTLENESS

Purposed to bring GOODNESS upon the other

Increasing the FAITH of all involved

Lifting the other up in MEEKNESS above self desires

Void of all anger in TEMPERANCE

Then…  Brotherly LOVE cannot not continue.

For it is evident the love of many is waxing colder and colder, sadly.  Jesus was moved to react by only one thing – Compassion.  He is calling us to come up higher, to sit with Him in the Heavenlies, rather than sitting in the seat of the scornful.  Today is a new day, let us walk in newness with Him.

Today I lift you up to Him.  May He continue to guide and teach you how to follow in His footsteps, revealing and embracing what He would actually do in any given situation facing you today.  I ask Him to help us to demonstrate His love to others in ways unnatural to our flesh and make known to us His perfect ways, as He establishes our hearts unified with His.  Lord Jesus help us to be slow to anger and slow to speak.  Keep us grounded in Your perfect peace at all times so all we really think, do and say instills love within another.  Help us Lord to let brotherly love continue.  Amen.

In His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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