His Love Is True ~ By: Brother Grizz

I live again
Life is a gift
More than I can comprehend
I love I do
Love is created in me
Also created in you
If I do not do what I was created to do
I fail oh oh I fail
So this day I will love
I will stand
I can too
I love this plan
I can live I am free
I have much to give
Much he gave me
So I will give it all away
In return I always receive more
Do you hear him knocking
Open up the door
Jesus Christ is my King
He is King of all kings
He is Lord of all lords
He is my Savior
He is my Friend
He loves you so much
Please let him in
He will fill you full of Love
Abba Father sent him from above
He came to save all even you
Please let him through
Please let him through
I know he loves you too
Let him in your heart
A new beginning a new start
All you have to do is ask
He loves you that’s a fact
He loves everyone
He is the Messiah
He is he can he will I trust him
Life is a gift
A blessing its true
Please let him in
He is calling for you
Please let him in
He is calling for you

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