He “Tends” to His Creation~

?Today it is raining…

Just the perfect kind of rainy day, too.  The sort of day in which you want to just lay in bed all day long and absorb the refreshing washing of the atmosphere all around you.  I am feeling as if it is some sort of reward to the work done the past couple days.  I love Spring ~ actually, it is my most favorite time of the year.  A time of refreshing and renewal, as all of creation comes back into life with a hope and a promise to become beautiful again.  But it takes rain and just like the flowers, trees, birds and such need water to flourish again, so do we.

?Rain down upon us Lord, with all that You are ~ wash over us again, renewing us with Your everlasting love.

So yesterday, I again spent many hours in the heat of the day doing yard work.  Mowing, trimming, weeding…  To make things tidy and kept.  I guess you could say I was tending to the plants the Father has blessed me with in this yard of mine, which resembles “The Garden.”  As I was weeding, the Lord reminded me of my own life and yours, as well.  And how He constantly is doing the “Weeding” in our lives to insure nothing becomes so overgrown it takes us over and chokes out the blessing of Himself, He has bestowed upon us.  He “Tends” to us daily, as His eyes are continually upon us.

I moved on to my flower garden, which has two bushes in it and they are falling a little behind all the rest of what is growing in my “Garden.”  I have watched them each day, with encouraging eyes, as I look for just a hint of green growth, which proves they still have life in them…  To no avail.  It was a very cold and harsh Winter here and I can totally see why they still slumber, however, I need to wake them up to regrowth, as Spring has definitely sprung here in Nebraska.  As I have been waiting for them to awaken themselves, it dawned on me yesterday, they have hit the snooze button long enough and need a little jolt by my hands.

Pruning time.  I argued with myself for a bit, because it would appear their presence in my flower garden is more noticed and prevalent when they are tall with reaching branches.  But, sadly, the branches are all dead and now with everything else green and flourishing around them ~ they really stick out.  Others who I have talked to about these two bushes, think it is pointless and they need rooted up and replaced.  But, I do not feel that way…  They just need a little “Tending too” and water, they need much water to flourish and come to life again.  Time to wake up!  So I cut them way back, almost to the ground.  It took quite a bit of time to do this, but it is well worth it ~ The Lord has graced me with patience like this.  When I got to the very bottom of each bush ~ Guess what I saw?  Tiny little green buds of leaves, that were hidden under all the dead branches.  It definitely was time for a wake up call to remind them the death of the past will not be beneficial to the life of tomorrow.  We are in a new season now. Amen.

?Then thankfully today…  The Father sent the rain.

There are seasons in our lives we too can be similar to these “Seen, tall bushes” which appear to be dying.  In the same sense, the Father cuts off all the dead branches that others notice, because He is searching for life, knowing it exists internally.  The hidden things which we cover up are actually “life giving,” we just do not see it that way sometimes.  Pruning hurts and bruises while activates new growth and at the same time it will awaken us to new life and growth in Him.  Like a good, good Father He often “Tends,” to us in such a way.  And after all the cutting is complete…  It is then He sends the rain, with a promise and a hope for a better tomorrow, full of rejuvenated life.

It is my prayer that we all trust Him as He “Tends” to us daily, knowing He cares for each one of His creation ~ Me and You.

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

Revelation 21:5


He is making all things new in our lives, as He is both faithful and true.  Who else can we trust to “Tend” to us in such a way?  No one.  Just Him… and He purposed it this way, in order we rely on Him as our only True Source of Life.  May you regain that life in Him today, as His refreshing rain washes over you to awaken and spring forth into new life.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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