Golden Funnels Dream

Golden Funnels Dream ~ September 14, 2012


During my dream I was in several clusters of people I knew throughout my lifetime.  In each scenario we were outside viewing a spectacular display in the sky.  This is what we were looking at ~

There was a meteor shower, in the shape of a funnel cloud, sparkling like tiny golden stars dancing together and twirling.  It started with one funnel and increased as time passed by, doubling in number, until the whole sky was filled with them.  As the hour of the day got later you could see when they were about to form way in the distance, eventually becoming too numerous to count.  When they first began to appear it was still daylight, however, as time passed it eventually turned dark outside.  I knew, in my Spirit at the time, this was a sign that Jesus’s appearance was eminent.

When these golden meteors appeared, even the news agencies were reporting on them with amazement.  As time went on they started to interfere with all communication devices, including television signals.  During the event, people were turning to the Lord by the 1000’s each minute.  It was so easy to evangelize during this short window the Lord had given us, it became a little tiring but was not draining in any way.  The Lord showed me the following scripture for what I was seeing….  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Mathew 9:37    God also told me, “Today is the day to get closure on all unresolved issues with others in your life.”

Next, the scene took a drastic turn towards darkness.  I saw many, many uprisings at landmarks in America.  These were being started by Islam supporters and spreading as fast as wildfires.  The Lord told me, “When you begin to see these clans of violence have crossed the seas, it is time to prepare.”

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