Delusional & Loving It with Angela ~ Broadcast Transcript from January 28, 2020

So a long time ago I had this dream…  In it I was in a courtroom and I was on the witness stand, being charged as a criminal for proclaiming Jesus is Lord of my life.  As the prosecutor brought forth his evidence – he had gathered files and more files of instances when I followed Jesus, words I had spoken and such.  They were stacked one on top of another and he carried this huge pile over and placed it on the ledge right in front of me and said — “What do you say to defend yourself?”  And I said, I have no defense, I am guilty as charged.  The dream ended at that point.

I knew internally I had no defense, that I could never deny the words of my testimony and even if I tried – they had already presumed me guilty so saying anything in my defense would have been worthless.

I remember waking up and thinking – I wonder what my penalty would have been?  Were they planning to sentence me to death?  I knew instinctively what they were planning was drastic – because they no longer wanted me to witness of Jesus here on Earth.  I knew my fate had been sealed and yet I also knew when put into that position I could never deny Jesus.  Like I said, I had no defense because in their minds I had committed a great crime – they were delusional, drunk with vengeance and I was their target.  No convincing on my part would enlighten them that I was not their enemy, when in fact their enemy was a fragment of their own imagination. 

Did you know mobs are drunk on their own iniquity?  Iniquity meaning – their just and unrighteous cause – because no one who follows in Jesus’s ways would ever be stirred up internally to destroy another.  Lawlessness has gone rampant because people are not sober, but instead they have drank the wine of iniquity to the point sin is no longer sin and evil is good.  Their conscience is seared with a hot iron and they cannot even hear you.   They are convinced since you are not with them – that you are against them. 

I briefly mentioned the last time I was on air that I was walking this out – well, without my knowledge I have already been tried, found guilty and sentenced within my own natural family and at times my spiritual one.  And like I said – all I have been doing is remaining still in the Lord, not participating in the stone throwing and cursed condemnation of those they despise and rarely asking questions of those who hurt me and are void of self-reflection.  Thankfully, the Lord prepared me beforehand as much as I would yield and listen and grateful I am that this scenario is already scribed in His words in the Bible or I would likely be in greater torment than I am at times in this trial.  Funny how the word trial is used so much in the Bible – Who would have thought in that trial beings much persecution, condemnation?  I guess Paul said it best when he said he was a prisoner for Christ.  In many ways, we are too.

Jesus opened our eyes this past year so that when something happened, we would not lose our footing when it does – but rather be removed and separated from it.  Take mobs for example.  More than once we discussed the mob mentality and how they try to draw people into themselves by a commonality of revenge and curses to accuse.  He already prepared our hearts for what we are witnesses to today. 

So as I just sat back and looked at the full picture I see much of that going on right now in our own nation and even within the church.  And it pains me to share this… but please get ready, I have a real warning in my spirit that we too will possibly walk out what is happening as Christ followers, just like my dream was a practice event.  Which is why I shared it today.  Please do me a favor and get your eyes off their target – for or against – and see what is happening…  It is replay of the mobs who called for Jesus’s death – it is spiritual and those who are delusional and loving strife feast upon the blood of the innocent – those who are washed in the Blood of Christ.  And remember, this is not just about flesh and blood, the souls are injured internally from words so it is both they seek to destroy.  One of the main reasons we are discussing this is so that should these things happen to you – you rest in knowing it was already revealed and spoken and not some strange thing that is allowed to overtake you – but only to try you and make you white, pure and ready for Harvesting.  In addition, it is through the least of these the evil souls are judged – by the evil practices, plots and thoughts they have towards those who are considered little ones.  Which includes many of us.  Little ones are actually the humble, least of these, those who are less than in regards to citizens, weak, needy, a small remnant, struggling in many ways – without natural protection, orphans, fatherless, widows.  They are the chosen ones who may be least here, but will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mathew 18 speaks of the little ones the most –

At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

How do you offend a little one? 

  • Trip them up, entice into sin, cause distrust in them by spreading gossip about who they follow, cause to fall away, encourage them to go against authority God put in place, to entice someone to judge unfavorably or unjustly of another, causing someone to get annoyed or causing them displeasure.

Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

Now some of you all were taught to look down upon, if you may… those little ones who are offended.  But that is not at all what Jesus instructed – He simply said it is important the people in the World cause the little ones (those who are sensitive in the heart, wounded, humble) to be offended so that a woe is returned upon the wicked who harm the children of God.  He also proclaimed a woe be upon the whole world because of how they tolerate the offending of and offend the least of these in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Yes… tolerating it is just as wrong as participating in it.  Unfortunately, many will have to have Jesus Himself reveal that truth to them and hopefully repent from all the innocent blood on their hands as well.  And just to note… the disciples had not been converted yet fully at this point, so they were in a place of admonishment from Jesus– so they too were still compromised in such a way.  That should be a wakeup call for many right there, note to self, especially me.  Okay, deep breath… we need to Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in this message today like no other.

How many of you believe you “receive” little ones?  Keep in mind…  Receiving little ones is doing the very same thing to Jesus – as what we do to the least of these we do unto Him.  So… again, do you really believe you “receive” little ones?  This sounds like a trick question doesn’t it?  Lol…. Well it is, because I know you’ve been told differently… lol…. But God’s truth remains firm.  Again JESUS SAID – WHOEVER RECEIVES one little child in my name RECEIVES Me.  Do I have your attention now?  Because until I studied this… I must confess I missed the seriousness of what Jesus meant when He said RECEIVES a little child.  Just to clarify – this isn’t just by natural age, like all things Jesus spoke Spiritually to confound the wise in the minds – they just could not perceive it – You could be 65 years old before you become a little child in the Father’s Kingdom.  A child of God is considered innocent, naïve, etc…

To receive one who is little – receive in Greek means:

  • Take by the hand, pick up and carry, protect, nurture, fully receive, grant them access to you – not refuse intercourse or friendship (intimacy), teach, instruct, listen to what upsets them, receive as your own, never reject, endure with and bear them up to cover them & offer comfort.

So again I ask us…. Do we being little children ourselves or not, receive a little one?  Or do we let them wander around by themselves as sheep being led to the slaughter, uncovered and vulnerable?  I’ll let you answer that question for yourself and we will let the Scripture speak to us itself.  All I am asking is that you please consider what I am saying and not so quickly cast away the honor given to those who are their brothers keeper, like Cain did.  We all have our own placement within the body for the perfection of Jesus’s body in wholeness and healing.  Some of you all have built within you an urging to protect and nurture and comfort little children, don’t deny that leading, no matter what.  Always use Jesus as your example to follow, not man.  So what we just discussed is part of loving others just as you love yourself – that scripture do unto others as you would have them do unto you – same thing – no difference at all.  You do encourage your own souls, right?  So encourage another.  You protect yourself from harm, do you not?  Then protect others who are in harms way and do not realize it.  We comfort ourselves in many ways, so we should also be comforting another who is helpless.  And the list goes on and on…  Again, if you see one who is small, fragile and needy, vulnerable, weak – consider how you would want someone to assist you or even how you guard your own heart – and when given opportunity, guard theirs, I think the word says something like pulling another believer out of the fire in the Book of Jude.  Wouldn’t that require each of us to actually enter into a fire to pull someone of it?  So think about that for a moment and please lay it to heart.

Okay, so back to today’s message…  let’s partake of the Word together and pray that the Holy Spirit nourish us and strengthen us for the battle plan laid out before us.  I thank Him continually for hiding us under the shadow of His wings, keeping us hidden when we need to be hidden and seen when He permits us to be seen.  I pray we continue to surrender to His will, which is perfect as the Beloved witnesses we are and that we know in truth this World is certainly not our Home.  Amen.

We are going to read a few chapters in the Bible and discuss each one afterwards, in hopes that when we are faced with similar situations in our lives we have the Word to assist us to make it through.

We are getting into Mathew 12 – which…

Starts with the religious trying to find an accusation against Jesus as they viewed themselves very holy due to how they upheld the religious laws, but Jesus told them they had condemned the guiltless- Can you imagine condemning those who are guiltless before the Lord on High?  Jesus proceeded to go right into their synagogue – place of worship – healing people, which really upset the religious – they cared much more for obeying the law than they did for obeying the Father.  They were so caught up in the snare of the day, they would not even pick someone up who had fallen down on the Sabbath day. 

So the Pharisees gathered together trying to get a plan on how they could destroy Jesus.  They even declared what miracles Jesus was performing was being done by the power of satan.  Jesus knew their thoughts, just as He does ours, whether spoken or not and told them, a house or city divided against itself will not stand.  There is one important verse I want us to really take a look at:

Vs. 30 – He that is not with me is against me.

The same is true for when we are against other people, which should never be the case, providing we are FOR JESUS all the time.  So Jesus goes on to explain to them the repercussions of blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, rather refusing to be led by the Spirit and surrendered to the Father’s commands.  He explained to them we are like trees known by our own actions, called fruit.  If the tree is good, so will be the fruit and if the tree is corrupt so will be the fruit.  Applying that to us as humans, whatever the truth of us is, our actions will reflect who we really belong to – good or evil.  It is what we do, that reveals who we really are, although at times when we cannot hold our peace by our tongues our hearts are revealed during provocation by others or situations that frustrate us.

Vs. 34 – He calls them vipers, saying how can you being evil, speak good things – since out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Rather, the truth of us is revealed in our speech.

Vs. 35 – A good person has treasure in their hearts and manifests goodness, while an evil person manifests evil.

Vs. 36 – He tells us, that we will be held accountable to every IDLE word we have spoken.

Idle word – slow to perform, inactive, careless, temporal, useless, without performance, curses and condemnation – this is one reason why it is so very important we keep our word, as our yes should be yes and our no, no.  It would be much better to not say you are going to do something you really aren’t, than to say it and not follow through – in order to keep the conviction of integrity in the image of Jesus.  Remember, when others are looking for Him on Earth, they are looking to us, knowing He abides within His own.  Are we reflecting Him, do our walks match our talk?  Just something to consider… Jesus never spoke an idol word, keeping every promise He ever made – again, we should do our best to follow in His footsteps.

Vs. 37 gives a real wake up call – saying, it is by our words we are justified or condemned.  Saying one thing and doing another is not favorable in the eyes of the Father.

So they asked Jesus for a sign to believe and He told them it is wicked to seek a sign and no sign shall be given other than to remain in darkness three days, like Jonah – replicating Jesus’s resurrection from the tomb back to life after being in the tomb three days.

Jesus warned them about spirits being cast out of one person, roaming around the Earth, looking for another human vessel to reside it – to influence to carry out the enemy’s bidding on Earth.  But, if it finds no home to reside in, it then returns back to its original human abode – that was swept clean – bringing more evil spirits with it, they enter in and dwell and sadly the person is worse off than they were the first time.  Do you know why?  Lack of repentance, having no desire to be free – only a quick momentary fix… Jesus washes us clean when we invite Him into our hearts, but we collaborate with Him through the Holy Spirit the rest of our life on Earth every single moment– through repentance, to maintain the condition of purity and cleanliness, which why we are told to work out our salvation DAILY.

So we just went over almost all of Mathew 12, which I paraphrased for you.  We did this in order to see Jesus was about His Father’s business, being led by the Holy Spirit to speak on behalf of the Father, to teach, convict, guide, set Godly order, speak the truth of who others were, etc….  He had an assignment that everyday, He had not been known yet by His own family in Mathew 12 – so let’s look what happens in verses 46-50.

46 While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without [IN NEED], desiring to speak with him.

47 Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.

48 But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

49 And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

You see this?  Jesus was led by the Father, right in the act of it and here comes His own natural family – His mother and relatives – standing outside the synagogue, gathering place – desiring to speak with Him, in need and influenced to pull Him away from His Father’s business…  This was a defining moment for Jesus and for us really, He looked to the crowd He was speaking to and said, these are my mother and brethren – stretching forth His hand towards His disciples specifically. 

So we have a natural family and a kingdom family.  Of course how divine it would be if they were blended, but they usually aren’t.  Just like Jesus, we have an immediate connection with others who are about the Father’s business, if we too are about His business and the same is true for those who are in the World – they clump together seeking the World’s kingdoms and ways.

We have so much more to cover on this topic.  Seems like we are truly at a turning point on our journey lately.  The Lord is opening doors and closing them as well, to give entry to those who can and cannot go forward with us personally.  Not all that began with us, will stay with us for the rest of our journey.  Which can be a sad time for many of us, through this awakening.  But just like we’ve gone over so many times, He knows we have little strength and yet have not denied His Name, are keeping His commandments on what we should do and where we should go.

Jesus told us in John 15:19 that if we were of this world, we would be loved by those influenced and within it, but since we are not of this world – being chosen to come out of it, those still entangled within it will hate us.  We will go over this more another time in the future.

Let’s apply what we learned today, knowing the words of Jesus are so comforting and nourishing for our souls to strengthen us to stay on the narrow path, walking hand in hand with Jesus and one another, no matter how treacherous it may become for our hearts and lives.

  • People will often gather up stones, I call them accusations, to use against others – they are gathering together now in mobs of people with likeminded hearts and minds to harm others with their words.  What is new and rampant these days is how if you remain steadfast in the love of Jesus, refusing to join them in stone throwing and accusation – since they are so delusional in their minds, they turn their fiery darts towards you.  If you do not join them in fighting their targeted enemy – you in turn become their enemy.  So unlike any other time – we must remain fixated with our eyes on Jesus above all else.
  • When the love of many runs cold, lawlessness increases and oh how the people love it so…  anger, hatred, accusations, bitterness and strife is the energy source which humans feed upon to rail accusations and then come against all those who are with Jesus.  Thankfully, Jesus told us if the World hated Him they will hate us too, so He prepared us for what is upon us now.
  • They may even proclaim Jesus is Lord, but…  their words are actions are against Him, when they are against others.  So pay very close attention to their actions – not necessarily the words people speak – but do they keep His words?  Is their fruit representing Jesus, the Tree of Life or are they a cursed tree with idle fruit which falls to the ground, never coming into fruition – remember we went over idle words verses fruitful ones.
  • Please ponder until next time we fellowship – If someone was forming a charge against you for the cause of Christ – Would they have enough evidence (your actions/deeds) to find you guilty as a bond-servant for Jesus?  If so, you are in better standing than most with the King of the Kingdom of Heaven.  If not, then pray and ask the Lord to help you surrender fully to Him and die to self, in that He be glorified in your life.  And just how do others glorify Him through you – by seeing His ways demonstrated to them through you.
  • Sometimes it feels as if we cannot make it another day – I get it… Remember, to cling to that which is good – Jesus, look to Him as the only example to follow – If He didn’t teach it, let it go, its just not that important in His Kingdom, if He didn’t say it – don’t receive it as truth, but consider it to be the mixture it is, release yourself from having to solve the problems of the World, being a sign seeker, pressed to be on someone’s side and above all things be the most loyal to HIM, not a Nation, leader – in the church or out of it, not your family, friends, church, ministry, nothing is to be placed above Him with our loyalty. 
  • Always forgive, knowing they know not what they do…  Just as they hurt Jesus, they often hurt us and I really believe if convicted by the Holy Spirit – if they really knew the ramifications of their own actions, they would not engage in such evil ways.  Mercy and grace is our redeeming quality found in Jesus, mercy given is mercy received and we all need more of it these days.  Jesus prayed, Father forgive them they know not what they do – this petition should also be continually crying out from our hearts on the behalf of those who are not called into the Kingdom as of yet in fullness.
  • Once the Lord reveals to us we too are a “little child” in comparison to the vastness of the Father and that in His eyes all His children are “little ones” our eyes and hearts are open in tenderness to watch over the least of these, as we are encouraged to do by Him.  We are all in a process of maturing into childlikeness and many have not the realization of this truth yet, which that too is purposed and a part of His divine plan, knowing we all see truth in parts right now – trusting Him to open our spiritual eyes to the fullness of Him little by little, precept upon precept, line upon line His ways and words are being sown into our lives and coming to increase by Him.
  • Which in this state of fighting, many will call foul on others – wearing themselves out, still defending self – they are those who focus on the offended, negating the woe which comes upon the ones who do offend.  It is a process… I’ve been there and done that too – it is a part of Jesus washing us clean from the sin of blaming others, including self.  Which blaming self is typically the last piece of residue to go.  I find those who harm others, prefer to focus on you not being hurt to distract from themselves being held accountable and taking ownership of the pain they’ve caused.  Never forget – hurting people, hurt others and yet, in the Kingdom of Heaven there is no wounding one to another.  The beautiful part of all this, so it is purposeful, is that Jesus mends up the wounds of the broken-hearted and heals us, making us whole.  We must not forget as His hands and feet, we too have a part in comforting one another and the only way to do so with authenticity is to have suffered in the heart as well.  To comfort another, you must need comforted as well, or you are harsh and commanding in your approach.  The Lord when He touches us, softens us in many ways. Not weakens us, but softens us by smoothing off the rough edges that are to abrasive to the sensitivity of others.
  • We must be disciplined in the Word as Jesus commanded us and not be like His disciples saying in our hearts – who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is a very hard one to master and takes many stripes to rid us of this mindset of wills.  Again, Mathew 18 that we went over tells us – only the humble, little ones, children are the greatest in the Kingdom.  On Earth, it is like the strong survive and thrive – in Heaven it is the weak, children of God.  This is a very difficult concept to embrace fully – most often the mind perceives it, but the heart is vacant to walk it out. 
  • A woe is promised to come upon those who harm little ones, children of God – little ones do not retaliate which opens the flood gates for the Father’s intervention.  It is true we do not repay evil with evil interventions – God does recompense evil done to us as He watches over us – but that does not mean we just sit back and tolerate evil being done to the least of these, doing so, doing nothing will cause us to partake in sin and that same woe will come upon us.  When the woman caught in adultery was in the midst of being stoned, Jesus didn’t walk away – He intervened, actually distracted those seeking to harm her by pointing out their sin in place of hers so they would reconsider – they too were caught in the act with her.  When living by Jesus’s example, we do not sit idly by why another is being harmed.  So those who were like us, bullied and delivered – we stand up for one being bullied, in that the curse is broken over that one’s life.  Leading by example, they will do the same, given the opportunity.
  • Jesus told us to “receive” little ones, meaning to take by the hand, carry, protect, nurture, etc… Great shall be your reward in Heaven for doing such as He commanded us to do.  Mans ways are not His ways – so we are highly blessed to have recorded so many of Jesus’s ways to guide us in this life.
  • Be very careful about attempting to cast devils out of people who do not desire to seek the Lord to remain free.  Guilting someone into repentance is not our Lord Jesus’s way.   You may share how the person is hurting themselves or others or even you – which may convict them we pray, just as we are convicted when we are disobedient.  Only Jesus can sweep clean a house, only Jesus can assist one who seeks Him to keep it clean – otherwise, people return to their own vomit and end up resentful and worse than how they initially were.  Never once did Jesus or the disciples chase devils away – they fled from them…  So keep that in mind, be wise and innocent at the same time.
  • We are to be imitators of ONE Jesus, our Lord and Savior and honestly, it is easier to model after Him than I initially imagined because He changes not.  When we try to imitate man, other humans, even in the church it is defeating at times because they are always raising the bar, changing, saying one thing one moment and something else the next.  There is much mixture in their speech and walk.  So if we fixate just on Jesus and His word, seeking to be pleasing unto our Father by desiring to do what is good in His sight – peace, love, light, rest pours into us in a most precious way so we may let our lights shine before all men in that they glorify our Father in Heaven, not us be glorified, only Him.
  • We are told to preach the Gospel and I am finding out most do not even know what that is…  Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are called the Gospels – so that is your hint.  The Gospel is, ready?  THE DOCUMENTATION OF JESUS’S LIFE WHILE ON EARTH – it includes instruction, His mannerisms, how He handled temptations, people influenced by devils, the sinners who sought Him and those sweet ones who desired to be near Him, what it looks like be a servant, how to treat females, how to forgive, how to love, how to interact, surrendering to the Father’s will, obedience, how to stay sober, rest, work, eat and even celebrate with dance – mainly how to be in this World and not of it – the Gospel is an incomplete record of Jesus, the only living example we are to follow.  It is the light which illuminates our path, so we know His ways to walk in them.
  • Lastly, some of us get this already and some of us need a loving reminder… that Jesus alone is the Savior, as the author and finisher of everyone’s life.  We sometimes confuse being our brother’s keeper with saving them, which can be very tiring to the soul.  Jesus told us what we do the least of these we do unto Him, like we are actually clothing Him, feeding Him, healing Him and visiting Him in prisons.  By fostering light in place of hopelessness within others, their lights shine brighter in a very darkened place.  To actually BE LOVE, is way different than orchestrating or choosing love.  Love just is – it is a constant, not forced upon or simply spoken… it is demonstrated through the heart of one, penetrating into the other and change occurs.  Love is something we partake in one with another – it is shared and never one sided.  You cannot force your love upon someone to receive it and you also cannot force someone to love you.  It just is… it just remains, but that is only when it is present, otherwise, it goes away.  Like a flame, if not cared cherished it will go out and when it does, our hearts grow cold.  So don’t do that… lol

The Lord just has pressed upon me so much with all the vengeance and blaming going on, as people target one another that we need to hold fast in being our brother’s keeper, looking out for, protecting, assisting and comforting one another.  These days are certainly like the days of Noah in which lawlessness, anger and strife was the order of the day.  It is my prayer we do not partake in any of that darkness and live as children of light and love in the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

So as our hearts turn toward the Lord Jesus, we cross over from seeking to convict another to being broken and contrite in the spirit and heart petitioning the Lord to break our hearts for what breaks His so that we may receive the convicting gift of the Holy Spirit for the perfecting of our souls into Jesus’s image. 

Bible knowledge does not mean someone is spiritual – remember lucifer quoted the Scriptures to Jesus.  What does make us spiritual is obedience.  Doing what Jesus would do in any given situation is our test and trial, in that we decrease and He increases.  Purposely for me and for most all of you…. Receive His children, just as He did.

Things are very uncertain at the moment, doctrines of men, fear porn, drawing you in to look for signs, etc… is almost a daily temptation for many.  Overreacting, underreacting…  seems like an almost constant – what do I buy to have plenty just in case, how do I decide what to get, look up to the sky because it is falling, look down below the dark ones are rising out of it and so on and so on…  so how about this?  How about for the next week we all just look to Jesus first.  Really study Him – How He handled storms, accusations, rejections, the unseen and the unknown – and then once that is revealed let’s do our very best to imitate Him in every way.  I promise you, your time will not be wasted like it is looking to Earthly kingdoms in search of truth and direction.  Jesus said, not one hair on our heads shall be harmed, which is just one morsel of strengthening truth our souls are starving and crying out for to combat all the saber rattling the enemy is doing to shake us.  He also said He would appear and draw us up to Himself in the air…  and so many other words of comfort.  Jesus is our blessed hope and honestly, we become hopeless when we take to heart what is spoken by man more frequently than being fed by the Lord’s word.

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  1. Jennifer
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    Thank you for this Study and you helped me to really change my focus to only Jesus first . So many distractions and much chaos going on. Thank you and God bless your ministry. Jenn


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