Counting the Cost~


Sin will always take you farther than you want to go,

                 Keep you longer than you want to stay.

                        Cost you more than you want to pay.

Jesus will always satisfy and direct us in the pure way to go.

                                                       Sustain us when we get there.

                                                       Cost us nothing but surrender of that which was destroying us anyway.

One of the most simplest of truths available to freely receive is that Jesus gave all so we could live and He did this expecting nothing in return but… Our heart?.  We have nothing to offer to Him except our heart.  We do not need to come to Him clean, as He cleans us up, meshing our desires into ONENESS with Him.  

Today we thank You Lord Jesus for Your unconditional openness to embrace us with Your love.?

In His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

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