The Open Door~

💗There is ONE DOOR to Heaven – Jesus

There are MANY PATHS – The one each of us is on at this very moment.

In Revelation Chapter 3 there is a special word given to those of us who identify with the Church of Philadelphia.  This particular group of Believers are grounded in the love of Jesus.  And why this Church is so special to me, is because although we have “little strength” He promises us to be by our side the whole time, reminding us we are never alone in this World.  We have intimacy with Jesus and He is enough.

I would encourage you to read Revelation 3:7-22, which speaks of this particular Body of Believers.

Just to highlight, here are some key points:

  • We have been granted an “Open Door” ~ Jesus
  • Have little strength
  • Kept His word
  • Have not denied Him

OPEN in this particular Scripture means:

In the midst of, so Jesus is in the midst of us – present, attentive, attuned to us.

DOOR in this particular Scripture means:

Entrance, gate, portal and clearly refers to Jesus.

A door opens and it closes, permits and allows at His will.

LITTLE STRENGTH in this particular Scripture means:

A small amount of power, ability, might, influence of riches or resources, mindset or ability to perform miracles.

KEPT HIS WORD in this particular Scripture means:

To take care of, attend to, guard, observe, watch for, behold and to KNOW and EXPERIENCE something.

HIS WORD are His decrees, mandates and orders which are His the actual sayings of God.  His moral precepts, including the Old Testament prophecies, His continued instruction and teachings, BEING CALLED BY NAME and directed by God, Himself.

NOT DENIED HIS NAME in this particular Scripture means:

To not disregard, reject or refuse as JESUS IS BEING POURED OUT like a drink offering to us all.  In addition, we too will suffer just as He did because we do know Him intimately. He is our joy and helps us to perceive what He went through by what we are currently going through here on Earth.

Some Key Characteristics of this Body of Believers:

  • Young and Childlike
  • Beautiful
  • Centered
  • On a Mission
  • Bears Good Fruit
  • Frequently Shaken
  • Knows Jesus is Holy and True
  • Is Genuine and Authentic
  • Jesus Holds the Keys to this Church Body – admitting and excluding at His will
  • Serves God Well in Difficult Circumstances
  • Jesus Knows Them
  • Evangelists by assisting others
  • Sees Spiritually
  • Been Excluded from the Synagogue
  • Are Never Separated from Him
  • Only the Lord Promotes Them
  • Headquarters are in Heaven
  • Glorifies Only Jesus, Never Self
  • Operates Solely from God’s Strength, lacking much of their own
  • Is Dependable
  • Walks the Talk – living in a way that is faithful to the character of Jesus
  • Pleasing to Jesus as He had nothing negative to say about this group of Believers
  • Is Not Measured by Earthly Standards such as: Money, fame, buildings or number of followers
  • Measured by Heavenly Measures through the keeping of His Word
  • Persecuted often by those who say they are Christians/Jews, but are not
  • Will be vindicated by Jesus as He will make those who did the persecuting see their wrongdoings
  • Jesus will make sure all are made aware that He has loved us all along
  • Jesus will keep us from the Hour of Temptation coming upon the whole Earth
  • Is Hidden in Christ
  • Will be preserved through trials, so we receive the Reward of Him and not have to endure the Hour of Trial

So, as an encouragement today…

If you too identify with this particular gathering of Believers, it is time to be encouraged and look up for our redemption is drawing closer and closer each day.  As we go through struggles, what seems like every day now, we must not forget just “Who” holds the keys to our Authoring and Finishing.  Jesus.  He loves us with an everlasting love and nothing or no one can separate us from Him.

I love this teaching in particular, because in His word He is shedding His compassion and love broadly upon us, knowing we have little strength.  Many want to hide the truth they have little strength, but not me.  Actually, I am embracing His work to break me in order to mold me more and more into His image each day and so should you.

Being broken is nothing to be ashamed of, as Jesus is closest to the brokenhearted and those who are lowly in Spirit.  You see, from a Kingdom perspective it is a good thing and we are not “Of” this World, we are simply in it for a short stay.  You are in a process and on a path no one else can measure or fully conceive and this too is purposed.

Jesus is your person and He is mine too.  With each trial and obstacle we overcome together with Him, our intimacy and love with Him grows ever so stronger.

So stay OPEN to the DOOR of Jesus, especially when you have LITTLE STRENGTH.  KEEP HIS WORD and promises to you and remind yourself of them daily, by the washing of the Word, to encourage your soul, in order to be strengthened by His strength and you WILL NOT DENY HIS NAME.  Amen.

It is my prayer He continue to open the eyes of our hearts to see Him fully just as He is, so we too can see ourselves.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

💗Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

With One Little Word~

Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. James 3:10

💗God Bless you all in the LOVE of Jesus.  I am finding that as we are called to lead by example, sometimes that can be for the good or the not so good.  In seeking the Lord’s help in righting a wrong, let me be the example of words spoken carelessly and the effect it can have on another in an undoing, in which we are often oblivious to it’s ramifications.  Since often I put myself out there on full display, my shortcomings are at times used for the greater good.  From that respect it can be a bad fruit turned good.

Let me explain…  Since I do not like things undone, I am pressed within my Spirit to offer understanding gained, first to myself, the one I did hurt and the ears who sat in proximity, by something not ordained by our Lord Jesus.  A word spoken carelessly, carrying forth the ripples of injury upon a fragile heart.

I titled my writing today, “With One Little Word,” because it was not so much what I said, but rather what I didn’t say that got me in trouble that day.  Once again, there certainly is a treasure in keeping silent, which is exactly what the Spirit calls for us to do under pressure and then the flesh wants it’s way – So goes the battle.  We often get so desperate we seek other measures than simply waiting upon the Lord and our fears take over, which gives placement to the enemy to set snares then willingly we walk into pain and CORRUPT OURSELVES.  The devil didn’t make me speak, I spoke.  A wise fellow servant told me, if the fruit is bad, throw it out and I agree.

It seems as of late, many in the Body of Christ are under much pressure.  Not to give excuse, but for clarification’s sake, I have been extremely burdened myself lately.  At times the ministry does take a toll on me and if I am not centered fully on the Lord, it can and does spill over.  And the same is true for you in whatever situation the Lord has placed you in to be a blessing.  We all desire to be a blessing to others in some fashion, which is just precious as we share the love of Jesus.  We often study the Word and encourage one another, but there are times our lives that never seem to flow like usual.  Looking back, these seasons can likely be a fruitful time in our lives as we draw ever so closer to Jesus.  There are times it is better to speak and best to remain silent.  The wisdom comes in knowing the difference.

The main point here is that sometimes it is not so much what we speak, but rather what we do not speak.  As we walk with Jesus and desire Him to turn mistakes into treasures, to hold and to cherish from this day forward, these beautiful life lessons are carried with us, if we so choose to receive.  There is only word that truly matters – LOVE.  The Bible says that Love covers a multitude of sins. That is a promise for me, for you and for all the inhabitants of this World.  But who among us will embrace the fullness of that love, laying our very selves down?  Our desires, our residues of pain and fear?  After shedding many tears, clinging tightly to Jesus and trusting Him to show me the way, my eyes finally began to glean the Light of Truth, the purity of love and of self-sacrifice for the sake of love, itself.

With one little word there are days in which moments relived, could have changed history in our lives as remorse trickles down to the lives of all those connected to us.  Once again, I am reminded how forgiveness is the remedy which bridges to love.  The Lord showed me it is not so much what we say that can hurt another, it is what we do not say.  If what proceeds out of our mouths can bring blessing or curse, my question is, when pressured why do we choose curse over blessing?  This truly should not be so.  Amen.

I believe when we take our eyes off Jesus it is a slippery slope and we are no longer a conduit of His love towards those we treasure the most.  Jesus is love, He abides inside us and therefore, as we are empty of self, He manifests through us spreading His love upon a darkened world.  It seems to me that if we, those who say we are Believers, cannot share the love He continually stood for, then who can?  Do those who are angry, hurt and cursing us deserve our love? Probably not, but that is not the point.  We didn’t deserve His love either, but yet He so freely demonstrates it continually.

I will sum it all up to say…  Love remains.  Jesus, His Love, is truly the greatest gift we can share with one another.  There is no possible way for us to walk this Earth and not inadvertently hurt one another, but when we do so, to be mournful and sorrowful of our actions to the point of laying our lives down in order to soothe the one we injured, insures we have received fully the purity of love itself!  I am so grateful for the times I am unlovable but am loved anyway.

Today is a new day and may we speak blessing upon another, consider today paying it forward with one word… Be an example for LOVE.

💗LOVE others ~ And use words only when necessary.

God Bless You Today & Always in the Love of Jesus,

💗Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

The Devil Did Not Make Us Do Anything~

Complaints Which Represent the Multitude ~

  • Fear of the Unknown

Unaware of our surety in Christ

Too much focus on gloom & doom

Heeding to many false flag warnings

Seeing, yet not believing

Lack of understanding of the Sovereignty of God

  • Counting the Cost

Too difficult to endure through the trials

Rebellion Spirit/Refusal to Die to Self

If God is love, why would He allow me to suffer?

  • It’s a lot easier to remain the way I am
  • Been Deeply Hurt by Religious Zealots

Mockers, Scoffers, Self-Righteous – If they represent Jesus, why be like them?

  • I’m Right – You’re Wrong
  • Expecting others to conform to us personally, rather than conforming to Jesus

Pride of Life

It’s everyone else’s fault the World is in a shambles – forcing people to measure according to one another rather than who they are in the Body of Christ

  • No Clarity on Their Place or Purpose

Hopeless, Unworthy, Distracted By Life/Enemy

  • Angry with God

Blaming Him for their situations, when it is consequences to their own choices in life.

  • Jealous of the Burning Ones

Angry at those who see the Father’s Hand at work in everything

A desire to bring others down to your level, rather than you rising to theirs

  • Our God is a God of love – Do not wish to know Him fully

God doesn’t get angry anymore

That is Old Testament, it isn’t relevant anymore

He won’t judge the world again, Jesus came to save us

Do not fully understand the Gospel of Jesus


We often refuse to “Count the Cost” when following Jesus.  In other words, we do not want to do our part so it is easier to just complain, rather than to get up and walk out of the circumstances we are in, often by our own choosing.

Time and again people blame the Lord or the devil, for that matter, because it is more convenient than actually taking responsibility for our own bad choices.

It seems I am way too often hearing from others – Why did God do this to me?  The truth is, He did not “Do this” to you.  You did it to yourself out of rebellion.  Rebellion did this, not the Lord.

The same holds true to for the enemy.  If we are honest with ourselves, more times than not, our own choices have inflicted pain on us that we often blame the devil for.

The Word gives life and speaks truth as it says ~

Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.

As we stay on the path of righteousness, fixated on Jesus, we resist the enemy giving him no place to operate in our lives.  He has no power over the Saints of the Most High God, unless we hand it over to him, inviting him in.

It is my prayer that today we seize the day which is set before us in all honesty and truth, judging ourselves and calling upon the Name of Lord to set us free.  To not set us free from the enemy, but rather set us free from self, from the sin which so easily ensnares us.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

💗Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

What Is Entertaining You?

💗Today, let’s thinks upon these things…

Have you all noticed the past few years how so many inside and outside of the Church Body are edifying darkness to a whole new degree?

This is what I mean ~ It seems many people are so focused on what the enemy is doing through darkness, it is all they want to talk about or fixate on, forgetting our Father is Sovereign.  The word the Lord gave me about this is, “They are edifying darkness.”

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

Scripture tells us not to focus on the wiles of the enemy, but rather THINK upon things which are HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY.  It also teaches us to not pass around any REPORTS unless they are GOOD.  He is telling us that those who have VIRTUE and PRAISE follow this command by our Lord.

I must admit to see the Body of Christ deviating from this path grieves my heart very much.  It is almost as if way to many people are thirsty to be filled by “dark reports” to the point they are even becoming passionate and hungered to be filled with them and even taking them and passing them onto others.  This is a slippery slope to which one can, crave to be filled by darkness itself and eventually be consumed.  I have been in communication with many who “lust after darkness” in such a way.

We must have balance in all things…  Except for darkness.  Light voids out darkness, not mixes with it.

The Word tells us to RESIST THE ENEMY and HE WILL FLEE, but this is only AFTER we SUBMIT TO GOD FIRST.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7

So what the Lord has been showing me as of late is quite alarming to say the least.  I know this message will be brought with much resistance because people will say we need to be informed and I could not agree more.  They also often quote the Scripture out of context that “People perish for lack of knowledge.”  As a matter of fact, let’s just get that settled and out of the way right now.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Hosea 4:6

The Word here is telling us that GOD’S PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIM.  This Scripture also compliments the Scripture in Revelation, in which the Church of Ephesus has left it’s first love, chasing after doctrines of devils.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Thankfully, the Lord has given us a space and time to repent and turn from these devilish ways.

I am reminded of how what we will feed upon will grow – Spiritually, as seeds planted within us, individually as a garden bed.  If we are constantly searching, craving and desiring to have knowledge about darkness and the World, then within us darkness and the World will grow and our walk will not be complete, but rather chaotic as we run to and fro upon the Earth.  However, if what we desire is a closer relationship with the Lord we will seek His attributes in order to be filled by Him with honesty, love, purity and righteousness.

Jesus is our peace which surpasses all understanding.  The truth is, many of us do not have peace and we often wonder why?  It is primarily because we are not drawing upon the Prince of Peace as our primary source for all things.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

So… Precious Children, be very careful of what you hear and see knowing, whatever you entertain is in return entertaining you.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

💗Angela~Marked By Heaven

You Are Not Crazy~

💗Perception is everything.

This heartfelt message is for those of you who are in a relationship with a loved one [spouse, partner, family member or friend] who is in pain by the actions of another, to the degree you begin to question even yourself and your own reality.

You are not alone.

There are times we find ourselves in a dazed state wondering…  Am I imagining all this?  Or maybe you ask yourself ~ Am I just too sensitive or maybe is my perception of the truth altered in some way?  As you reflect back on a recent engagement knowing in your mind, you do recall the events exactly as they played out…  Even when the other person reports something totally different.

Did you know that three people can witness the same car accident, for example, and recall what lead up to the accident differently?  The is why perception is everything.  We often have a coping mechanism we use in our relationships in which we will “deflect” upon another, in a confrontation, what is really our own lack.  People do this in order to not take ownership of their own part for the issues going on within the relationship dynamic.   Similarly, this is a steadfast tactic of the narcissists in our lives.

So for today, I want to reassure you ~ You Are Not Crazy.  Nor, are you so emotionally charged you cannot perceive what is reality and what is not.  It is true that there are times we do get so wrapped up in emotions that we often later cannot recall exactly how something played out.  But, that is not what I am speaking of at the moment.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

The Lord has been showing me how our FEAR will override our SOUND MIND.  We may be fearful deep inside of the one we are engaging with, therefore fear does take over and we begin to drift into a mindset that is not sound.  In other words, we waiver, second guess ourselves and our perception of reality is altered.  Anytime we begin to waiver we are not walking in Spirit and truth.  Many people suffer from panic attacks for this very reason.

So what are fearful of?  Losing the one who is manipulating us?  Or maybe we do not want to count the cost for remaining in truth, knowing only an argument will ensue?  Regardless the reason, we are always, always upheld by Jesus when we REMAIN IN TRUTH.  We break ranks with Him when we begin to waiver or act out emotionally.  Jesus never once pacified the lies of another.  He quietly spoke truth to the lies and went upon His way.  He wasn’t moved and therefore, neither should we be.

Keep your eyes fixated on Jesus.

When we keep our eyes fixated on another to meet all our comfort needs, we place ourselves into a vulnerable position to be beguiled, used or even abused.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.  For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Timothy 3

Men also can be lead away in the same fashion, although this particular Scripture is speaking to women, I have seen both genders fall into this snare over the course of time.

As we seek to walk continually in the Spirit, our eyes are opened to see only truth in any given situation.  Some of us at times, honestly, do not want to see the truth, because what do we do with it then?  Unfortunately, that is a question I cannot answer for you or even for myself on some days.  So I sit still and while I sit still I know that He is God.  And I also know, that I am not crazy or imagining things and with Him I find the strength to walk another step, even if sometimes I do not know where He is leading me…  I let Him lead.

I also know, He will lead you too.  Like I said, perception is everything.  Today, ask Him to show you how to perceive Him.  Care more about Him than anyone or anything else in the whole World.  It is to our determent that quite often we seek to be more pleasing in the eyes of someone who we can never please and discount the only True One we should be seeking to please… Jesus.💗

On another note ~ I do recommend you get a journal to pour all your thoughts into each day or at a minimum after a conflict.  As you write, don’t forget to listen as well.  The Holy Spirit will speak into you the only truth during these times as you reflect back on what actually transpired.  Before long, as you foster this relationship with the Lord, it will become second nature to you and enable you to walk in truth daily.  Never wavering and never having a feeling of being absent of His comfort.

Speak and Listen ~ Jesus is waiting and soon He will be the only One you do perceive as making a lasting difference in your life.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

💗Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

Scars Til’ Your Beautiful~

💗Jesus heals the brokenhearted and binds up all their wounds.

We are coming into a Season in which the wounds are no longer covered, as Jesus touches these inward wounded parts of our hearts, He is cleansing us and making us whole…  In which all that remains are scars.  There is no more shame of covering, but only freedom to be just who we are created to be in Him.

I was thinking the other day about how many people Jesus healed and made whole.  But there is a real distinction between the multitudes He did heal and the “Lepers” in the Bible.  Every single Word written in Scripture is purposed for instruction, especially this one.  You see the multitudes were healed, but the lepers were cleansed.  All were made whole, following a touch from Jesus.  Weren’t both these groups in need of His healing touch?  So I asked – Why the demarcation in the Word?

This is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me~

The sick were in need of a Physician.  But, the lepers had wounds and therefore, required a different kind of healing in order to be made whole.  They needed to be cleansed.  Spiritually speaking, in many ways this is us.  We all have wounds and if we cover them up, the truth is they will not heal.  Shame does that to us, making us fearful to bare our brokenness at times, because in the past when we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, we were hurt.

Just like a wound on our skin needs air to heal, same goes for our heart wounds – they need to be uncovered first.  All fleshly wounds need washed out and cleansed with water too, before they heal.  And lastly, once cleansed, blood rushes in to heal that area quickly.

Are seeing the picture I am painting here?

  • Our wounds need to be uncovered first – so Jesus can remove the shame
  • Secondly, they need to be cleansed – We do this by the washing of the Word
  • Thirdly, we need the blood of Jesus to come into that broken area and give us life where there was death and decay – Through understanding we realize all hurts we face in our lives have no affect on us anymore, since Jesus defeated death when He died and rose again – Life is restored to us.
  • Lastly, these wounds when healed turn into scars – As a testimony to His great power and glory.

💗This is my most favorite part to talk about!

Remember the disciples, Thomas in particular, who would not believe Jesus was alive and standing before him, without seeing the scars on Jesus’s hands?  We too have many “Thomas’s” in our lives and therefore, we have beautiful scars to show them.  Through these wounds, that Jesus turns into scars, we reflect what Jesus did for us.  As a comfort we can offer Him to them, while we share with them the truth that He wants to cleanse them too.

Jesus not only was not ashamed of His scars, He openly displayed them as proof of how death was defeated.  He is calling us to do the same.  I, like you, would be completely and utterly in ruin without Jesus.  As we embrace Him through the trials, He reveals to us He knows and He understands all the pain of this life.  In Him we seek and find refuge and strength.  In Him we are changed from the inside out, no longer in the captivity of shame but rather as display of just what love can do.

What can love do?  Love pours into your wounds until your scars make you beautiful. How precious is that?

In His Love,

💗Angela~Marked By Heaven

Saying “LOVE”~

💗I am a little stunned into the realization that the heart, which once embraced with the warmth of affection, has twisted into the sting of a string of excuses, because when the heart breaks, it doesn’t break even.

The other day the Lord gave me that simple pearl of wisdom, so I sat with it for a while, actually a long while.

As with most words of wisdom He gently imparts into me, it often takes a long while before the fullness of the meaning is understood.  We often say we trust the Lord with all things ~ But I must confess at times I do not trust Him with my heart.  Of course, I know He will not hurt me.  But what about the times in which He takes your heart, that is one with Him and places it into another’s hands, who so cunningly can shatter it into a million pieces?  That quite often is me and today, as I write this, I am wondering if that is you too?

I do have a precious sister in the Lord who keeps pressing me to go one step further in my transparency to bare all things for the Glory of Jesus.  But this one Lord?  I so quietly plead within my soul, not this one.  She says I am to lay everything down.  Including this one.  Deep breath of sighs…  I guess I have danced around this one for long enough.

At the moment, I am dancing alone it would seem.

There are times in our lives when we do fall hopelessly in love with another.  Quite often it is because at the onset they “Give it all they got” only to recoil later.  Oh it is true, love is still spoken, but what was offered in attentiveness, turns into an overwhelming sea of excuses in which we are left dazed and bewildered.  At this moment, demonstration deflates to words

I must admit I have tried everything in my own power to salvage what was lost.  From prayer to pleading to withdrawing to embracing and nothing works.  I guess you could say this is when we finally get to the end of our rope, only to discover the True One and Only, Jesus.  As I remind myself, my heart is securely in His trusted hands and I already said “Yes Lord” I find the strength to draw upon Him as the source of love poured out, even into the crushing hands of another.

So when the heart breaks ~ quite often it doesn’t break even.  Love relationships are continually changing and shifting, one gives, one takes and when one lets go… The other falls.  This fall is not as pleasant as the initial fall into love either.  However, what is beautiful, is the truth we fall right into the arms of our real Beloved, our Lord Jesus.

I do not know about you ~ But I am getting a little weary with hearing about love from those who do not demonstrate love other than with their lips are moving.  I wonder if it soothes their ego to profess love and I often wonder just who they are trying to convince?  Because I surely am not.  For those of us who do actually put verbs into our sentences of love, we no longer live in a swarm of excuses.  Actually, there is no excuse required in the presence of doing. 

💗Be Love ~ Even to those who are only Saying Love.

Because…  You are not your own, your heart is safe with Jesus and whoever and whenever He chooses, He will place your heart into another’s hands.  This is how Jesus is and the beauty in all this is knowing what breaks your heart, breaks His, as well.

I am not saying any of this is easy.  I too often want to close up my heart or pull it away from the one who is crushing it and worse yet, denying it at the same time.  The Lord began to open my eyes to something.  He was showing me how if I love another with my own love, I am more vulnerable to be hurt.  However, if I glean from Him the love I share with another, Jesus is the Source, so what is His, I in turn give away.  I pour out and He pours in…  In the process, He is guarding my whole heart, which belongs solely to Him.

💗Love is risk free in this way.

I have no idea why people love bomb you, only to pull away.  Or why they “Say love” apart from  “Being love.”  But one thing I am learning is, with Jesus the heart does break even.  He never leaves us or forsakes us because our heart being broken just as His was, is actually purposely mended back together in the wholeness of Him.  No human can do that for us, only Jesus.

So I want to encourage you all to seek Him today with all your heart.  He truly is a Man of His words.

💗Jesus is love

In closing, I just want to remind you to trust no human with your heart.  But rather, love others with the love of Jesus, while you entrust your heart in His hands only. He continually embraces you with the warmth of affection, which never withholds or changes or runs cold.

I guess I should have known that from the get go, but sometimes I am a slow learner too…

Here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept we go ~ wiser and gentler than before.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

💗Angela ~ Marked By Heaven

He will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain. The old things have disappeared.

Revelation 21:4

A Lighted Palm Tree~

I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

John 15:1-2

💗So today my brother Tom calls and begins to tell me how his “Most beautiful” palm tree did not make it through the Winter.  He was stunned the other two most “Ugliest ones” of course survived the torrents of coldness brought about by the out of character extremes of living in the South during a not so normal, particularly cold Winter.  As he was talking, I was absorbing all that he was saying and a picture began to unfold in my mind of how we too, are like the delicate “Palms” or rather…  A tree

There has been much reflection on trees, as of late whether it be a Musicly from LayLay or a shared vision by Michael, so of course, this too caught my attention, as I began to reflect on the similarities of us and this stunted, weary palm tree.  Tom graciously tolerated my ramblings of thoughts flowing out of me so quickly and way too fast for my speech to keep up.  Which ended up proving to be more than his mind could comprehend.  He finally said, “Honey, you have blown through four topics in 30 seconds, which is more than I can conceive.”  I just giggled, because he knows me probably better than anyone on this planet and embraces me for me.😊

So I said to him…  Those ugly trees might make it through the Winter and yet the prettiest ones potentially die.  I also said, I think we resemble those trees.  I asked him if he dug up the dead tree and threw it away?  He said “No, I trimmed it way back to practically a stump to see if it would come back to life because it still has a little bit of green…”  I am paraphrasing here, but that was the jest of our conversation.  And then I knew WHY what he shared with me struck me with such vital importance.  This speck of green life Tom saw on the OUTSIDE of this tree, actually represented the full life on the INSIDE of the tree and he just cannot see it yet.  Not to mention, the Winter broke the tree, but there is still a potential for life inside it.  All it needs is a little TLC – some trimming, warmth and sunshine and water.

Basically, this palm tree needs a break from the harshness of Winter.  And so do I.

I am sure many of you can relate…  Like me, I bet you too could stand a little separation from the harshness from this World which smothers you in coldness, causing you to feel like this palm tree.  And all you need is that one to come along beside you, just as Tom did with his tree…  To give you a little TLC.  Some comfort, warmth and water.💗

They say palm trees have the most sturdy and deep roots, which enable them to withstand many winds and beatings, so to speak.  This too is a commonality we share with these trees.  Even as I am writing these words I feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit washing over me.  I pray you feel that at well.  Sometimes, it just helps us to know we are not alone and that others are going through things too.  We can comfort one another in this way, by the same way in which we were comforted.

As a securely knitted cloud of witnesses, we cheer one another on in this heartfelt way.

There are times in our lives in which it seems this “Winter Season” will go on forever and the warmth will never come.

Just to encourage you ~

The Lord sees the beautiful potential IN YOU.  He finds you worth saving, worth pruning and He does this by His gentle hand.  His words, “You were created for so much more than this,” gently wash over me during the “Winter seasons” of our lives.  As we reflect back on those moments of wearisome harshness, which seem almost too much to bear, it is His hand which is cutting back the dead parts of us as He is establishing us into position, so life springs forth from within.  He is such a good, good Father in this way.

My prayer is that you too see within another just as the Father sees.  Generally, it is what is within that counts the most.  As we abide in Him, He has found His abode in our hearts, where the real treasure of another truly resides.  May you find what you are seeking today in Him, as He pours His love into you, washing over you with His Word to grow you and change you from the inside out.  Rest assured the “Winter” is purposed too as a time of seeking and searching, learning just how to be transformed into His Image of glorious light.

The sun will surely come out tomorrow and we will grow in Him…  All we need is just a little TLC and whole lot of SONSHINE!

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.. And so will you.

May You Be Blessed Today In His Love,

💗Angela~Marked By Heaven

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? MANY MANSIONS~

💗We know people come into our lives for a season and a reason for diverse reasons and divine appointments and it is quite often not until well after they depart that we have full understanding of the purpose of the plan, in which they touched us in some way.

The disciples always traveled from one village to another, as the Lord sent them out two by two.

  • As they did, a couple things are definitely worth noting. One, they stayed with the one they were sent with – out into the World and two. they were not joined to everyone in the villages the way they were with one another.  Both are purposed for the Kingdom and when our peace is not received, the Word tells us to shake the dust off and keeping moving to the next “Village” so to speak.
  • It is my prayer, we know by the Spirit when to stay and when to go, when to cling and when to release.
  • When someone is in our lives for a season – knowing it is for a reason, when the reason/purpose is fulfilled, that relationship will pass too.
  • As we shake off the dust – there is no residue of remorse, unforgiveness, retaliation, burden or weight. Only peace is given and a full release comes.
  • Quite often we stay in turmoil and such because the Lord is shutting the door and yet we have other doors open that cause peace to depart, rather than us departing and peace remaining.
  • The Lord never leaves things undone. He is all about doing a complete work.
  • This is not to say the other person does not also belong to Jesus. It quite often just means that particular season has passed.
  • In John 10:16, Jesus tells us “He has other sheep, which are not of this fold and I also must bring them in so they too will hear My voice and one day there shall be ONE FOLD and ONE SHEPHERD (meaning Himself)”
  • If we read on in this Chapter in John, the Word tells us this caused great division within the Jews. He tells them, they do not believe what He is saying because they are not His sheep.  His sheep hear His voice, He knows them and they follow Him.
  • But in the next verses He lays out a promise:

Jesus says – I give them eternal life and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand.  My Father gave them to me IS GREATER THAN ALL and no man is able to pluck these sheep out of the Father’s hand because I and My Father are ONE.

~Then the Jews picked up stones to stone Him with~

  • Just let those words wash over you. What peace and rest, without heavy burdens are these words of Jesus.
  • We often will lay heavy burdens upon one another – saying, do it this way or that way, because that is how I did it and it worked for me. I believe to some extent we are all guilty from this respect.
  • But what if the Lord is leading one of another fold, to follow His leading in another way? Just what do we do with that?  Because truthfully – we should do nothing.  We often get ahead of the Lord in this way.  It is not time for ONE BODY at the moment, because the WHOLE BODY IS GOING THROUGH A PROCESS RIGHT NOW TO FORM ONE BODY.  The Word calls this – The PERFECTED Body of Christ.  So far I do not know of anyone who has taken on a perfected form, therefore, the Body is still not perfected.
  • If another is of a different fold and Jesus is getting them too, then why would we get offended at how He is leading them? Could it be they were apart of us for a season and a reason and we are upset because it disturbs our peace?  Sadly, I am seeing this quite often as of late.
  • We should never be as a god of forces, with expectation telling others how to worship, pray, etc… This would be error on our part.
  • As a reminder – If someone leaves our fold and is risen up or hidden even in another fold, then that is okay too. That is Jesus’s business.  It really breaks my heart when I see one Lord over another – and we should not be offended when the Lord leads someone elsewhere.  Instead, we should release and bless them in peace.  Doing this purposeful act – Do you know what happens?  Our peace is returned to us.  Praise Jesus!
  • This is not a battle of FOLD vs. FOLD.  If we are IN Jesus, then we are ON THE SAME TEAM~ JESUS.
  • There is no competition in the Body of Christ whatsoever. If there is competition, then it is coming from within one’s self and we have stepped outside of love.  To glean this Biblical concept will cause the Prince of Peace to rule and reign in our lives.
  • The Lord shows no partiality, He loves His whole flock and receives them as such.
  • He also, is fully capable to lead each fold purposely in the way in which it should go.

Further in John, it speaks in Chapter 14 that Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are MANY MANSIONS and that He goes to prepare a place for us.”

He goes on to say that He will come again and receive us to Himself, so that wherever He is, we will be also, as He is the Way, the Truth and the Life so that no man may come unto the Father but by Him.  He goes so far to say… If you know Jesus, you know the Father from~ here on out.

  • The Word says the Kingdom is at hand. Meaning now, ever present and is not something far off in the distance.
  • Are we not ALL a part of the House of God?
  • So I got real curious today in my study…. Especially about the word “Mansions.”  And especially because, so many men speak of it as a far off event.  Then I started thinking of “Mansions” as “Folds of believers.”  And how the Word says – “There are many mansions…”
  • Right before that, it says – To let not your heart be troubled… believe in God, believe in Me, Jesus said.  When we do not believe and begin questioning things – our heart often becomes troubled.
  • But back to the mansions… So I researched this word mansion.  In the Greek it means – abiding, dwelling or abode, and actually when GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT INDWELLS BELIEVERS.  The root word means to – not perish, to remain, to be held, kept and REMAIN AS ONE. 
  • Guess what? This word “Mansion” using the Greek dictionary is only used in one other Scripture in the whole Bible and when it is used it is used by the word ABODE.  On a side note, guess who He was talking to?  Judas, because he wanted to know just how Jesus would manifest to the flock and not the World.  Here is the answer Jesus gave in John 14:23~

Jesus said, if a man LOVE ME, He will keep my words and my Father will love him and WE will come unto him and MAKE OUR ABODE with Him.

  • Like I said ABODE/MANSION is the same word here.
  • So you see… there are MANY MANSIONS or rather ABIDING PLACES IN THE LORD, right here and right now. 
  • Now… One more thing ~ The lukewarm, as spoken of in Revelation 3 about the Laodicean Church does not have the full abode with the Lord until they overcome compromise or rather to mingle truth/false. It is sad, because they are blind to their own sin and know not they are miserable and blind.  The word actually compares it to being naked and not knowing it.  Jesus tells us over and over that because He loves us all He rebukes and chastens us in order we repent.
  • 💗It is a process, we are in a process… In Revelation 3:20-21 it speaks of this process of overcoming being mingled in truth and false.

Jesus said: Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and we will SUP with him and he with me.  That door family, is our HEARTS, Jesus is the one knocking and if we open the door to Him, then He resides in this place, we SUP with Him and the Father – since they are One, we become One with Them… Resembling a mansion in the Spirit.  A Tabernacle if you will OF LIGHT and LOVE.

  • We are being prepared to SUP with Him, but in order to SUP with Him, He must have HIS ABODE within us.
  • A piece of that is~ supping with one another, but that is not the purpose, rather a result or effect of us supping with Him, which is the real purpose.

So… As the Story of Us unfolds, we frequently come across various times in our lives in which we must ask ourselves the question ~ Should I stay or should I go?  But, no matter what we are directed to do, it is a sure measuring word to do a heart check and reflect on ourselves to see if we REMAIN IN A STATE OF PEACE.  Because when we keep our ABODE IN JESUS THERE ONLY IS PEACE.

When we do stay ~ We should have PEACE.

When we do go ~ We should have PEACE.

And when He is telling us to just BE STILL AND WAIT UPON HIM ~ We should have PEACE.

Everyday I am seeing many running to and fro without His peace.  They may STAY for a moment only to usher in discord and strife and then abruptly GO, leaving a wake similar to a dust storm in their departing.  This truly is not of the Lord, nor is it abiding in Him.  It is my prayer that we all embrace the many folds of Jesus in His love, receiving peace just as it is given.

A man’s heart plans his way: but the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

My mansion is small and full of serenity in Him, as I desire a humble abode, in which He has His perfect way.  The truth is we all are called at times to stay or go, but the greatest blessing comes when we no longer stir up dust in either situation, but rather shake all dust off  as we begin abiding in Him.  Let all things be done in LOVE.💗

May the Lord bless you in His Love,

💗Angela~Marked By Heaven


Want Your Joy To Be Full? Take out the trash…

💗 I had an “Ah-ha” moment today…

Of course, it involved one of my children – Gabriel, the 14 teen year old who is going on 30, so to speak…  Some of you understand what I am getting ready to say already, sigh… Boys, double sigh…  You gotta love em’!

Anyway, I have been having some medical issues and had to be at the hospital early yesterday morning, well early for me anyway.  So the night before I made sure both the kids were aware that today we needed to stay on schedule and on time in order I was not late for my tests.  I was a little shocked how this morning went off without a hitch, even Gabriel was not his usual six minutes late, as he usually seizes every last second of sleep he can.  That was BEFORE school.  AFTER school was a whole other story.

It would seem MY illness totally pushed Gabriel’s compassion tank beyond empty and it all unraveled when…  Are you ready?  I asked him the most monumental question any mother has ever asked a child — “Could you please push the trash tote out to the road and take the bundle of sticks out there, as well?”  His response to me was no less than if I asked him for his left kidney after I had just taken his right one last week.  I let him lecture me on how he is not ever doing this trash hauling again, “Because he is tired… and so forth” UNTIL the job was completed.  Some of you moms out there know what I am speaking of and since when did they put wheels on trash totes?  I remember when I was young having to drag heavy cans out to the street…

Note to Self & Others:  Never engage in a teachable moment while the job is being done because the worker may walk out.😊

I would say since I had already gathered all the trash and had efficiently put it inside the tote, this job took him, oh about 45 seconds at the most.  I am sure by now, you all have the picture and in more than one way can relate.  I even waited outside for him, so he did not feel alone while doing this taxing job…  Am I pitiful or what?  Thankfully, some of you are pitiful too and I love you for it!💗

Granted, at this point he is still lecturing me as we come inside the house and up the stairs he goes, as I follow him – still thanking him for doing this for me, since I am not feeling well.  Picture this, he is at the top of the stairs, while I am at the bottom.  He is just too important for such a task as trash duty, he is telling me…

Note to Self & Others:  Never be lower in position by sitting or standing, while those who desire to overpower you are positioned higher in placement to you.😊

Then he said it – The truth behind why he says he will no longer push this trash tote out… “It does not do anything for me to do this, what do I get out of it?”

Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  Yes, I am dead serious…  Sadly, as I begin to fire back, as any mother would; I reminded him that the Sonic bag of food he was holding in his hand did me no good or did the headphones I spent an hour returning to Best Buy that were broken did nothing for me, or how I do many things for him that do nothing for me… But JOY!

Note to Self & Others:  Males hear the first 10 words that come out of your mouth and tune out the rest, so choose wisely.😊

I said – “Gabriel, do you know why I do those things FOR YOU that have no benefit FOR ME?”  He stopped dead in his tracks and listened and I said to him – “Because I LOVE YOU and because I LOVE YOU it brings me GREAT JOY to do things for you.  Me, doing things for You, the only return I receive is JOY.”  He got this puzzled look on his face, staring down at me in confusion and said, “I do not get that at all.”  Quietly and calmly, he went into his room and shut the door and I went straight to the Lord.

Note to Self & Others:  Sometimes it is good to let another have the last word.😊

I wasn’t even upset as I asked the Lord to show me what this is all about?  It seems at every turn I run across someone I love who by nature “takes” and I also am blessed by others who by nature are “givers.”  He reminded me of the Scripture in which our “Joy may be made full.”  Because for some of us, it truly does make us joyful to give to another and for others, giving, is like going to the dentist for a root canal without the Novocaine.  Although, it is quite understandable for a 14 year old to be self centered in such a way, but an adult who behaves in such a manner, not so much…

Note to Self & Others:  Those who do not give are truly the ones who are missing out, while those who do the giving are filled to overflowing by the Lord.😊

The Lord loves a cheerful giver!💗

He also tells us not to grow weary in doing good!💗

The Bible is full of Scripture which speaks of “Charity” done unto others.  And this form of “Charity” can be done in several different ways.  We can lend an ear to a friend in need, a shoulder to cry on when someone is mourning a loss, we can give food and clothing to someone who is in lack or even repair something broken for a neighbor down the street.  Actually, the list is monumental what we can do to show LOVE to another though our time, talents or treasure.

I am learning you cannot force another to demonstrate love in such a way.  We can only lead by example, expecting no Earthly reward for our giving nature.  Jesus tells us those things we do in secret, He will reward us openly and generally this is at a much later date.

So what is the meaning behind this story?  If we want our joy to be made full…  Sometimes we have to take out the trash.  It is the “trash” in our own lives which often weighs us down.  The Lord showed me how each day we are given opportunities, by Him, to get rid of the “trash” – those things which are holding us down, keeping us in a depressed state and we too, like Gabriel, refuse to simply “give it away” in order the Lord can fill us with His love and peace.  We hold onto things, which become weights in our lives, causing us to be a little off balance.  Jesus wants to take all that away from us, as He carries all our burdens for us in order we walk in ease and light on our feet.

Oh and about Gabriel…  This morning on the way to school he apologized and told me he will always push the trash tote out to the street, saying he was just tired.  But…  His final word was, “Except for those sticks, because they are not mine.”  I just giggled on the inside knowing, he too is a work in progress and one day he will lay it all down, just like each of us will… In our own timing.

And of course, just as I am finishing up writing this… I look out the window and the trash man is here hauling away our trash for today.  Jesus is like that man – He has come to take all our “trash” away, forever, never to return it again.

May the Lord Bless You in His Love,

💗Angela~Marked By Heaven