Awakened, Finding Myself… Accidentally In Love

Awakened, Finding Myself…

                       Accidentally In Love?

But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

1 Corinthians 6:17

One may never fully know how deep they sleep, until suddenly they awaken at the kiss of destiny, onto their path of the divine.  Sitting a drift on a sea of torment, of course I had desire, but no will to behave.  Was it me or was it him? And this day, does it really matter?  All I know is one moment I was longing with ache in a slumbering heart and in another I awakened, finding myself accidentally in love.

Do I dare to take this walk with the one who has stirred that which was bound to escape, or shall I press in and release beyond the confusion and falsities which lulled me to rest?  With a stammering heart I flee to find escape from this hold, yet with the unveiling of the heart’s eyes, a glance is just a glance and I do not know how to find slumber, forever more.  The imprint upon it conveys trust it, it’s true. With hesitancy I withhold, as nothing’s been shown.  Full joining is relevant before time took its place and I whisper please help me, as I’ve fallen from Grace.

In the Heavenlies, it slept until the Father joined waters rushing… How does one separate the two bound together, forever before and forever after?  In the natural I’m pulled to quick disbelief, yet I know in my heart there is no relief.  This was not willed, nor was it planned, simply a mere cry hidden in the dark… Yet the tears have not ceased, so I ask myself why?  I want it to stop and I want to run away… Just how does one erase an elite Signature of the Divine?  In visions I dance and I dream to forget, the placement I’ve found, leads me to overwhelming regret.

When one sleeps and never gets rest, it matters not whether awake or in slumber, I have discovered no love to fulfill this void I am under.  Most days I do not wish to be overtaken by this compliment embracing my soul, then again I have been given, by no holding back of my own.  With words and promises my heart is fixed and it’s sealed, then I am empty of actions, while torrents of doubt rain over me in paralyzing fear.  Where I lack, he completes and I offer the same, so like an ocean we flow upon unity unto the council of all times.

From my sleepy state it is a risk til` the end, unto a date firmly set by Him, Who sees more.  This unyielding love requires my all and all. In return I am empty and longing for the one, whose dreams carry me.

Today, just today, I want to drift back to sleep…

For a moment forget…

?I was awakened, finding myself…Accidentally in love.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

*Book excerpt from ~ Marked By Heaven’s Serendipity

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