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He Loves The Unlovable, Like Me~

💗Feeling very unlovable lately ~ Except by the Lord and I am scared by His love sometimes, because He loves me not in the way I want to be loved, but rather in the way I need to be loved. Losing love… It is not necessarily the losing of another’s life that makes us so […]

God’s Sovereignty ~ Finding Our Purpose In WORKS

💗DEAD WORKS versus GOOD WORKS We are no longer dead in sin… But rather are being raise up INSIDE this flesh body to incorruptible BECAUSE Jesus lives within us. Recently the Holy Spirit has been teaching us about BEING RAISED INCORRUPTIBLE… Just as it dawned on me, through the Holy Spirit, what that exactly means.  […]

The Obligation To Be Okay~

💗How many of us feel as if there is some sort of high credentials or standards we must display in order to make the Lord “look good?” I know this is not a typical question we might ask ourselves, but we should.  For some reason, the church has taught us and sadly we came into […]

Encouraging Truth ~ A Letter From A Precious Sister

💗Dear Angel, I pray this letter finds you well and living joyously because you are so Loved!!! Psalm 91:4, He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Chickens are amazing in that they can cover their chicks, no matter how many, […]


A most precious sister in the Lord sent me a question through email yesterday and bless her pure heart that is constantly crying out to the Father.  She has gone through so much in her life and it has been my joy to minister to her at the leading of the Holy Spirit or all […]

The Soul Catchers Dream~Don’t Take Sides

November 26, 2014 In my dream I was among diverse people of all lands, tribes and tongues – all were the same, yet different.  A line had already been drawn in the sand and strict instruction had been given to me to not warn anyone any longer of what was to come – the sands […]

He “Tends” to His Creation~

💗Today it is raining… Just the perfect kind of rainy day, too.  The sort of day in which you want to just lay in bed all day long and absorb the refreshing washing of the atmosphere all around you.  I am feeling as if it is some sort of reward to the work done the […]

The Open Door~

💗There is ONE DOOR to Heaven – Jesus There are MANY PATHS – The one each of us is on at this very moment. In Revelation Chapter 3 there is a special word given to those of us who identify with the Church of Philadelphia.  This particular group of Believers are grounded in the love […]

With One Little Word~

Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. James 3:10 💗God Bless you all in the LOVE of Jesus.  I am finding that as we are called to lead by example, sometimes that can be for the good or the not so good.  In seeking […]

The Devil Did Not Make Us Do Anything~

Complaints Which Represent the Multitude ~ Fear of the Unknown Unaware of our surety in Christ Too much focus on gloom & doom Heeding to many false flag warnings Seeing, yet not believing Lack of understanding of the Sovereignty of God Counting the Cost Too difficult to endure through the trials Rebellion Spirit/Refusal to Die […]