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Spiritual Housekeeping ~ SOUL TIES Broken

Come up here!  Just as the Lord called upon John of Patmos to “Come up here, I will show you the things which will take place…” He is calling each one of us individually to journey with Him. Heaven’s message to John was the full revelation of Jesus Christ and that same revelation is for […]

Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls ~ To me a pearl is simply a deeper Spiritual understanding of the Biblical Word through the leading of the Holy Spirit unto the fullness of the Lord.  It a pearl because not everyone will understand and those who don’t will use it against you rather than receiving it for what it is […]

Dream – Stand in Faith

In this dream I was with my sister and we were in the sky overlooking the beach – parasailing (I’ve never tried that before). There was a boat below us that I believe we were attached to and the beaches below were full of people.  Suddenly, the most frightening skies I’ve ever seen appeared – […]