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The Church Of Philadelphia

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Angels declare there is one Church which stands out as a pillar for love’s sake ~ The Church of Philadelphia.  The very meaning of the name of this particular end time church body actually means, “A friend or companion.”  In Hebrew text we glean a more expanded definition in that the Spiritual nature of these members understanding these are actually friends of the Bridegroom [Jesus], who assist in the preparation of the Bride, attending to the celebration of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, including the wedding nuptials.

When we dissect the scriptures in Revelation 3:7-13 it is easy to see the favor of the Lord upon this chosen church.  Each child of God is honored and strengthened through Jesus, which only fully submitting to Him through intimacy may achieve.   Jesus, Himself, holds the keys to this body and He admits and excludes those as He wills.  All are invited, however, few are chosen for this divine feast of love. 

Service to our Lord in a job well done, during difficult circumstances is a major asset for those willing to go beyond the norm for the call of duty.  The most delightful piece to this mystery is the fact JESUS KNOWS each one and understands with the compassion only He has attained through the ultimate love price He paid on the cross.  Open doors are given for evangelism to spread His love to others, as this church sees spiritually through the eyes of a circumcised heart.  Those belonging have been excluded from the Synagogue and are no longer seeking to please man.  They realize true promotion only comes from Jesus and there is nothing short of Heaven which will separate the ONE of them, into two.  It’s sole purpose is to glorify Him, the only One worthy to sit upon the Throne, they seek no recognition, but walk in a way of humility for His Namesake.  They embrace Him knowing the only way to operate here on Earth is in God’s strength, recognizing it is not about ability, but rather dependability, which is actually abiding in Christ. 

A key element to the faithfulness of this Church is the fact they walk out the principals of Jesus in deed and tongue, which is completely pleasing to Him.  It is important to note Jesus had nothing negative to charge against this body of followers, likely due to the fact they are not moved by fleshly desires, such as; money, fame, buildings, numbers, etc.…  They are measured by the precepts of bringing Heaven to Earth through simply keeping Jesus’s words Holy and true. 

This gathering of believers is persecuted like no other, particularly by those who say they are Christ-followers, but truly have no conversion in their hearts.  Jesus promises to vindicate us to the point that those who were railing against the chosen ones will be shown by Jesus they were wrong and that He loved us all along.  One could speak of this Church forever, as it is ONE with the King!  In His eyes we are meek and childlike, beautiful to behold, He is in the midst of us, we carry a mission which bears much fruit and is frequently shaken, but not destroyed.  From the inside out, this Church knows Jesus is Holy and true, as we strive to be just like Him, pleasing Him at any cost.  Sin does not enter, it is genuine, never fake and authentic to the core.

A new name of great reward is handed out to these great witnesses on the Earth and a promise is made to keep us from the hour of trial, which are woes and great tribulation.  This actually precedes His Earthy Kingdom of ruling and reigning.  There is a mighty test coming soon for us all.  Who is truly saved and who isn’t and in that test we will all see who actually has the mindset of Christ, are actually saved and hidden in Him.

Remember this:  Jesus will preserve us through the trials so we receive the Reward of Him and not endure the hour of trial coming upon the whole Earth.  He is that Open Door…  All are called to walk through it, but only a few find Him and are chosen.  When one finally sees that He is the Reward and no longer seeks to be rewarded… You have made it!  God Bless you. Amen.

For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.

1John 5:4

?Jesus is the Only Way?

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