Act of Divine Consummation


Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man separate.

Mark 10:9

Often in familiarity, I have spoken of this valiant one, yet in the drifting whispers of the night at hand, it was distinct… although expected, in a surprising design.  How does one even begin to etch with ink, the combustion of the Heavenly Stars, or the making of mountains or flowing of seas? For all of these handiworks combined at the Father’s command, pales in comparison to the night in which divine consummation took a stand.

Our upmost decree of the highest regard is with humble and honor to Whom it is due, for my love and I together, as One, join in thanksgiving and full submission to our Heavenly Father, Granter and Designer of the divine consumption in which we partook.  In stranded pearls and raptured delight unleased, of worship divine and pleasantly sweet, no words can describe this anointed release.  Things will never be the same… Wholly submitted we are, signed into coveted oath, this decree shall stand in light of the Hosts.

Two joining as one, it is written and sealed, in bands and cords we do fully yield.  To teach one His truth’s, His Holy way, matched perfectly in love, fully having its way.  Breathlessly the innocent secrets of treasures placed hidden, consummating that seed imparted by one, unto another, so forever it grew.  He is permanently joined, I can feel him at pleasure, twirling we dance in this circle unbroken, burning fervently as a ring of fire… Consuming and void from quenching our eternal desire.

It blossoms, it heeds, it desperately gives way… To fully satisfy one unto another, is beyond any fleshly pleasure.  Searching of truth has lead me to find my vacant other, for the giving of self, by the Father’s design, I have been joined to the one in which I sought to find.

Since the end is where we begin… Ending of self, becoming as “We”…

As an Act of Divine Consummation, we eternally shall be.



Act of Consummation~February 2,2014

Excerpt from ~ Marked By Heaven’s Serendipity

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