A Testimony…. Look what Jesus did!

Dear Flower,

Thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost.  The Most Precious Gift in all this world.  I would like to share with you how Brother Michael and COT has helped to restore the joy of my salvation.  2014 was I think one of the most trying times in my life.  It seems, that many doors in my life were slammed shut in my face.  I told the Lord, Lord I can’t do this [serve you] so find someone else.  I gave up, I started hitting the sauce again in October, November, December, which were very dark months for me.  I drank everyday by noon and sometimes by 9:00 AM driving everyday with an open container.

As a youth when I was 10-11 years old I got introduced to porn, it has been a very heavy chain I have been packing all my life.  I did have seasons of freedom but always returned to it.  My father passed when I was eight and my mother was schizophrenic, in and out of institutions.  After my father passed my grandfather came out to stay with us for a while then when he returned home shortly after he passed too.  A couple years later my uncle came and lived with us and six months later he was hit by a car and passed also.

When I was about 12 I started drinking, smoking pot and one of my friend’s older brothers would go down to 4th Street and 1st where hookers hung out so that seed was planted in my heart.  When I was 14-15 I would take my mom’s car out, go down and check them out.  One day I picked one up and laid with her, my first love was a hooker and needles too.  That whoremongering spirit entered me and different seasons of my life I would always end up back with them.  When I was 13 I got in trouble with the law and ended up in Juvenile Hall.  My mother didn’t show up for the hearing to be released so I was retained.  I was a confused kid and didn’t know what was going on and used to cry myself to sleep at night in that concrete cell, so after two weeks I went to Bible Study.  She was an older gal who was seasoned in the Lord, the Glory of the Lord was upon her and she had the sweetest anointed voice by the Holy Ghost.  After the meeting she asked if there was anyone who would like to receive Jesus in their heart and prayed with us.  I can still see her precious face and hear that sweet call she made to this day.  So I raised my hand and prayed, invited Jesus and cried out, help me.  I also received a Bible from her and took it back to my cell.  One night I opened it up to the Book of Psalms 27 and read verse 10.  When my father and my mother forsake me then the Lord will take me up.  Needless to say, a couple nights earlier He took me up and has never left me or forsaken me, even though many times I left and forsake Him.  He continued to dwell right in my heart even as David said, Oh Lord if I go down to hell Thou art with me.  Apart from His tender mercies and loving kindness hell would be my home.

I ended up in a foster home and stayed there about a year while I continued to run in the vanity of my brain until I was 18, then I committed my heart to the Lord and started going to church, Freewill Baptist Church, where I used to go down to the alter and say, Lord show me the truth.  I had a great love for His word and would spend many hours in it and at times would get up early in the morning to pray and meditate.  I loved the Gospel of John and Psalms, later on Romans.

A couple years later I ended up at my brother’s home and I will never forget the night of January 1, 1983.  I was taught in the Baptist Church that speaking in tongues was of the devil and that the Lord was no longer giving that gift.  About half way through the study my brother started sharing from the Word about the gift of the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues, right away my flesh ruffled mind was telling me this guy is of the devil and I need to get out of there.  He kept opening scriptures, John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians, Isaiah and a few others pertaining to the Holy Ghost and tongues.  My Spirit was saying yes you need this gift, yet my fleshed ruled my mind telling me to go and get out of here.  I could see the Word Scripture, in my heart I knew it was truth, yet my brain was warring against it.  Finally, after two hours of laboring in the Word, my heart was rejoicing and out of my belly wanted to flow rivers of living water, my tongue started to move, my brain kept trying to stop it.  Just then my brother asked if I would like to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and speak with tongues.  He laid his hand on my head and prayed.  I lifted my hands and said Lord if this Gift is from You, fill me.  I began speaking in tongues, the Joy of the Lord flooded my heart.  The Glory of the Lord filled that front room, it was thick.  The Book of Acts 19;1-6 became a reality to me.  Oh Lord thank You for Your steadfast love and tender mercies.  Glory!  We were up all night fellowshipping in the Word. Wow, what a night, I will never forget it, one of the greatest nights of my life.  Thank You Lord!

Back in April-May my brother introduced me to Brother Michael.  The first time I heard him he was speaking of CERN or something in the natural and I thought, great another great brain that has it all figured out.  I listened again the next night and he began to speak of the things in the Spirit, he got my attention and I kept listening to feed my hungry heart.  I said Lord, this guy is right on, the words he spoke bore witness with my Spirit, so I kept listening, sometimes listening to the same message over and over.  At this time I had been free from the sauce since I was 14, but was still going back to the porn.  I kept listening and the Holy Ghost would speak through Brother Michael directly to my heart so powerfully, I would say thank You Lord for Brother Michael and began praying for him after a while more and more messages came out.  It was like fresh manna from Heaven every time I listened.  He had a fresh word speaking to me directly.  I said Lord, this guy is sincere and there are real brothers out there too.  Thank You for my brother and his obedience to Your call.  The Lord said He would restore the ancient ruins, Brother Michael is anointed of the Holy Ghost for this hour.  It is now September 20, 2015 and it has been 8 ½ months free from the sauce, 9 months free from the hookers and two weeks free from the porn.  Oh Lord strengthen my heart, keep me free from the filth, a drunkard and a whoremonger, set me free by the Grace of God.

Saved For Real

A Note from Angela ~

What Jesus has done for one, He will do for you too.  As long as there is breath within you…  It is never to late to reach out to Him.  It is by Grace we are saved, lest any many would boast.  All those who call upon Him, they most certainly shall be saved.  Thank You Jesus for coming to our rescue.?

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