A Mile In My Shoes…


And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Mathew 5:41

My journey may be messy, but it is still my journey.

I was thinking back upon my life up until this point and how many missteps on my part were turned into heartfelt learning experiences.  And how from the advantage point of an observer it may appear I have fallen desperately from grace occasionally, only to have fallen into the arms of a Savior.  I was also considering how many times I have looked upon the footsteps of another, without understanding of the full story, assuming much.

To me it seems the World is overrun with critical thinking and perception.  We convince ourselves we know exactly the backstory to every one’s walk, every report and circumstance, only to leave an altered trail of misconceptions in broken pieces behind us…

I am guilty of this, as well.

The truth is no one fully knows what another has gone through in fullness in their lives, unless they would have walked a mile in their shoes, so to speak.  Do you feel misunderstood today?  I know I do and not just today either, almost everyday to be exact.  There is only One, Who sees and knows all things about us, individually and collectively – Jesus.  He is with us all the time, never leaving us for forsaking us.  He knows when we fall and when we overcome.  He embraces us when we feel hopeless enough to give up and cheers us on when we run the race set before us to victory.  When those around us might not be there like we desire or help us in our time in need; He carries us through each obstacle.  And He is hopelessly patient in mercy, as He waits upon us to call out to Him for rescue in our time of need.

The Word tells us to go two miles with someone when they inspire us to go one.  This speaks of a double portion to go full circle with someone in their time of need.  With all the betrayal in the World, isn’t it time for love to take a stand and not abandon the one in need?  Nor accuse anymore?  Or even assume the fault of another?  Since birth, the Creator has been forming and fashioning us into His likeness.  By the Potter’s hands we are being formed, as He Alone is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of us, of Faith to be woven intricately into our lives.  Perfectly and timely, according to His plan.

All jobs in progress can get a little messy.  Truthfully, if it were possible I need a sign above my head continually which reads, “Under Construction.”  With this more obvious warning, hopefully others would be just a little more kind, forgiving, understanding and most importantly loving.  The enemy has played a very cruel trick on humanity.  He has convinced us to look upon another’s shortcomings to avoid looking into our own.  By our very actions we are attempting to somehow, someway remove every single little speck from another, avoiding the log we carry around each and everyday ourselves.  Camels sure are hard to swallow, aren’t they?  We often see what we want to see in another person.  If we are searching for goodness, goodness will be found.  If we are searching for negativity, well, that is way to easy to spot in another and really requires no skills at all.

Jesus tells us to walk in love, one to another.

So I propose today…  Instead of assuming the worse about someone, let us look to them as being, “Under construction,” just as we are ourselves.  And I challenge you, for those of you who really want to push the love limit today…  For every negative thought you have toward another, write one down negative about yourself.  By doing so, it will reveal just how fragile we as humans actually are and that not one is better than another, reminding us how we each fall short of the glory, daily.

?I may not have been there to walk with any of you through all the disappointments and hurts from your past.  However, I can certainly walk in love with you today and all the tomorrows.

LOVE makes the World go around…  Will you come walk full circle with me, dirty shoes and all?

In His Love,

?Angela ~ Marked By Heaven


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