A Message Delivered ~ The Father’s Embrace of Those with Little Strength

With ~ Angela September 13, 2020

My Precious and Crushed Daughter –

It is I who placed the Earth into motion and ordained who would come and who would go and when.  It is I who gathered the angels together and sprinkled the skies with the light of their glory and it is I who plucked each one, purposely sending them as Messengers down to Earth for the glory of My Name.  For they have tasted and seen that I am good to deliver the fullness of My love.  They do not resist the fullness of Me, but rather embrace the way in which I lead them back to My security of safety.  All that I do, I do for the remnant of faithful followers who call out to Me day and night with their whole hearts, which cannot be divided. 

Presently, who the World calls My church, is infiltrated with imposters, seeking to save their own lives, through their own wills to be done and I will not plead with My people much longer.  For you My chosen ones, it is time to be still and know I am God.  Let the heathen rage and seek knowledge of good and evil, denying the wholeness of Me, in which there is no shadow of turning.  They will trip upon the snare of pride, which so easily draws them in, as they gather unto themselves those who are of a likeminded soul, mirroring themselves. 

Again, I say to you – come out and be separated, sit in the silent, secret place with Me until My indignation passes. Pray continually, longing and looking fervently for that day of hope, when I gather My elect from the four corners of the Earth.  I command all things into existence – your hope is found securely and solely in Me. And now that your eyes have been opened, you must trust Me with all things, including those you love, especially those you surround yourself with, who are mixed with miry clay; distorting the vision of the blind leading the blind, only to find both of themselves within a ditch of knowledge. 

The tide has turned now, in which calamity after calamity is the call I put forth – but who will hear?  Who will see?  Who will call out to Me in truth, turning from their wickedly devised plans, confessing their faulty finds one to another?  Until My people mourn, there is no saving grace.  Until My people hear from Heaven, there is no resolution or rest for the soul. 

But you My child, who the World has counted out and the church members have refused to hear, are safely and securely in the bosom of My love – so absorbed, you hear our hearts beating as one.  You, My love, are just now in full observation of seeing on display, that which I love and that which I hate.  Is that word “hate” too much for you?  Do you not realize I despise evil and did not create it, as man has spoken that falsity to you?  Again I say, I did not create evil.  All that I create is good, but rather it is man who strips the purity away from what I create, infusing it with evil through pride.  It was pride which caused lucifer to fall and it is pride which has always set the course before, the fall of all men. 

My chosen vessel resist pride and evil at every turn, seeking obedience above all sacrifices, even so, before the alter of My Son Jesus.  I know you have little strength and have not denied My name, but you must hold fast until I come and not be swayed by the words of man, who’s breath is like tongues of fire to destroy.

Above all things, guard your heart, lest someone steal your crown of life, which is My righteousness dripping down out of Heaven’s throne to infuse you with the hope of My quickened return.  Be warned, as you continually long for My appearing – there are those who long for My delay, in order they be not caught in their snares of deceit; who will persecute and humiliate you, in order to pressure you to deny that which you’ve known from the innocence of a child. 

Those who belong to Me, will never be plucked out of the hand of My vineyard of readiness.  The time of My coming is at hand, each day I come and abide with those Who love Me, with the purity of their hearts.  Listen for and hear My still small voice, in the midst of the proclaimers of Earth based wisdom.  As I lead, you follow.  I am separating and I am dividing, by My calls to come close and be one with Me.  I am taking you beside still waters, where those caught up in works refuse to go.  I am searching high and low for those who are satisfied with only Me, knowing this World has nothing to offer them.  Watch – continually learn from Me, let me reveal to you more and more about those things on Earth, which I love and gather unto Myself and those things on Earth which I hate and cast away. 

Did you hear My trumpet call of choice, which has gone out?  It is through this call, those who refused to make a choice are forced to do so – and when your eyes are opened Spiritually, it is plain to see who is and is not with Me, as many attempt to purchase the fruit of their hands, which carry forth the desires of their hearts and not Mine. 

Love is not your ticket to Heaven, for even the heathens love one another, My Son is… The only way to enter into My loving embrace and acceptance.  At this very moment My eyes are searching the Earth to see who truthfully loves Him.  Every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. 

The question is – Who is bowing and confessing now?  Who is clothed in humility now?  Who is within the containment of purity now?  Who is eating of the Tree of Life now?  For those My dear… They are the ones to watch.  Watch therefore… For when the sun sets in the West, the light shall arise in the East and all eyes will behold Him and His reward is with Him.  His reward shall shine with the brightness of His coming and all will know I have loved you with an everlasting love and be greatly ashamed they didn’t. 

Awaken My people out of the sleep of selfish pride.  Awaken to soberness and truth.  Awaken to the gathering unto Me, for My Bride is already, ready.

Eternally yours,                        

Your Father In Heaven

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