❤heartstrings with Angela… The Kingdom of Heaven ~

When we are weak – He is strong and I don’t believe it looks like we think it does.

When we look back over the course of our lives, if we do not recognize His sovereignty we will begin to question everything and then begin to question Him…  Then He told me…  “I had to do that, to do this,” which is proof of an internal work He is doing within us all.

Humans see things externally, but the Spirit of God and us even, see past the flesh directly into the heart of man.  To be AFTER God’s own heart is when we are seeking to know more of Him in order to be pleasing to Him in every way, which in truth is the only way we can even possibly turn away from sin by being granted the gift of repentance.  A heart steeped in repentance is a heart beautified with compassion.  One forgiven of much – forgives much.

  •  We cannot fully turn away from anything unless we hate it – unless whatever we are allowing INTO us is seen as tainting our garments, spotting our souls, leaving us breathless – whatever that may be and yes, it could even mean religion at times.  We become whatever our soul is thirsting for, when thirsty you drink that which quenches what you desire.  A soul after God’s heart cannot be quenched by anything but Him and therefore may seek other avenues to satisfy – but they won’t.
  • As we grow closer and closer to Jesus we evolve into a being that has opposition with evil.  Therefore, pride, deceit, adultery, fornication, stealing, etc…  darkness, is sin which so easily ensnares us – must flee, because it is no longer found within.  As darkness is purged out of us – there is nothing for it to latch onto within us – so there is NO AGREEMENT to it and it is overtaken by the light inside.  As a man/woman thinks in the heart, so are we ( is all about what we desire)…  We need to rethink everything, testing it to see if it aligns with our Lord, insuring there is no shadow or darkness to turn us away from Him in any fashion.  Remember, the battlefield is in the mind and we are commanded to take captive every thought and put it under subjection to Jesus.  In other words, those worse case scenarios we play over and over again are our responsibility to get rid of – ours, not His – we have a choice what to entertain in our minds and every single thing in our lives wants to compete with His perfect will and plan for us.
  • The Lord has been speaking so clearly to me about whatever is inside me, I will come into agreement with it – either for good or bad.  During the purging things are awakening within us that we didn’t even know was hiding for the purifying of our souls.  Light always exposes the darkness, always.  When Jesus returns He is looking for Faith upon the Earth and will He find it?  Faith being commitment and longsuffering as we believe Jesus is Lord in our personal lives.  That His Sovereignty will never fail as the Author and Finisher of our faith.  What is He looking for?  A soul that in spirit and truth says “Yes Lord.”  So that we become one, declaring “Come…  Come to Me all who burdened.”  The Spirit, Jesus and the Bride say “Come…”  They say deeply – The Kingdom of God is at hand and this is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Do we understand all that keeps us from THE KINGDOM OF GOD being at hand or rather present as our abiding place?

In order to understand this concept, we need to take a look at what causes the Holy Spirit, who resides within us to be grieved.  All this time I thought the overwhelming sadness I would feel was due to outside circumstances, but the Lord has been showing me it is my own internal struggles, grieving Him and since I am a container of His vessel in oneness… When He is grieved, so am I.  He also showed me this is true for many other believers, so much so our joy is not full as it should be.

Again…  My sadness, your sadness, quite often at times is a wake up call to go and sin no more laced with a promise… The Kingdom of God is at hand – present, inside you and me. 

He began to talk to me in Scripture about TWO Kingdoms…  His or heartache, for lack of a better term.  You could also call it a kingdom of darkness versus light – but He is building His Kingdom which cannot be shaken and that remains internally and in this process – all that can be shaken is shaking loose to be removed forever.  It is painful, it is very painful at times to see the truth of yourself.  Whatever kingdom we cling to is the one we identify with and determines if we have true remorseful repentance or continue to grieve the Holy Spirit abiding in brokenness and grief.

He really is returning us to innocence as a trusted child, who believes their Father hung the moon – because He did, that He is perfect and we are fully 100% safe in His hands.

Surrendering is so easy to do, it is not difficult at all like man would teach or the enemy would convince.  Fighting or coming against Jesus is much harder indeed and will often wear us out physically.  We sometimes convince ourselves we are not denying Him in such a way – where we begin to sound like Peter…  Each time we refuse to surrender (the easy way) we fight and Jesus is saying to us today “Don’t you know the enemy desires to sift you as wheat?”  Let’s read that Scripture today.  LUKE 22

To lay a ground work about the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN vs the KINGDOM OF HEARTBREAK, let’s read a little in EPHESIANS, starting in CHAPTER 3 and we will see how far the Lord wants us to go in His word and flow with it as a guiding influence in our lives daily.  It is in these two Kingdoms in which we abide – sometimes going back and forth.  The Kingdom of Heaven is an abiding place in which we escape all sin, while the Kingdom of Heartbreak we are simply escaping hell.  As we press onto perfection, our indwelling place is more and more purposed to be as Heaven on Earth.

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN as we abide in it, we also abide in PEACE LOVE JOY PATIENCE KINDNESS GOODNESS FAITHFULNESS MEEKNESS & SELF-CONTROL – Jesus is the abiding force and  go to source in this kingdom. Everlasting water of life only is received in this well.

KINGDOM OF HEARTBREAK happens when we abide in self, as in what we want we take instead of waiting upon the Lord to receive.  The landscape of this Kingdom is painted with the brush of expectations, whether that be on ourselves or others.  Self or others is the abiding force and go to source in this kingdom.

When we abide in sin or rather choose sin over obedience through engaging in unholy acts of any kind we mix the bitter with the sweet until we too become bitter.

Thirst is unquenched when we drink from this well.  Desire rises and contentment falls.  Kids’ nowadays describe young teenage girls are being “thirsty” or rather too eager, desperate, flaunting themselves, seductive, etc… you get the picture.  And Gabriel told me no guy wants a thirsty girl as a girlfriend, guys just use them.  You know why?  He says they cheat because they won’t ever stop being thirsty.  We too in this regards can be “thirsty” and unfaithful to Jesus.  These girls desire SOMEONE, not that one and we too can get in a place where we desire SOMEONE rather than THE ONE – JESUS.  We are to thirst for one thing – Jesus and His righteousness.

We draw to us that which is already within us.  So often we sit and cry because of what someone else is doing or has done to us when it was our own rebellious desires which caused the heartbreak situation we are in – it is in this brokenness that true remorseful repentance is made so that Jesus may wipe away every tearful wound.

This may seem like a hard message, but really is brings with it great hope and freedom and what is beautiful and it isn’t any work so to speak, but laying it all down and doing nothing.  To be still and just KNOW HE IS GOD.  So often we wanna do this and do that but this time – it is a challenge to do nothing except to receive from only HIM.

I am sorry… but I truly cannot cut the words “Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect” out of the Bible just to bring us comfort in this flesh that easily ensnares us.  “Perfect” means to recognize our falling short in order He may perfect us in His image.  To have His image means our image dies and exists no more – We are a new creature.

We have been looking to everyone and everywhere to be made whole, but Jesus is the only One Who can perfect us in such a way.  We know it internally, our spirit and heart surely know it, but our flesh refuses to surrender… fighting/opposing ourselves and Him all the way.

I think Lord willing we will go over in depth… Grieving the Holy Spirit and ourselves, next time so this topic gets the full attention it deserves.

Lastly, Please remember that when we compare ourselves to others we will always feel lacking in many ways, but if we surrender to Jesus in His perfection we are made complete, no longer in comparison to anyone or rather no longer left wanting in lack anymore.  The Lord knows exactly the measurement of truth and faith each one of us is given and it is true we can share all that we have been given to comfort others with the same words we have been comforted.  But, to compare our personal faith with another or set expectations upon others by the laying on of heavy burdens by which they are not ready for is not at all what the Father has commanded us to do.  Most recently, He showed me how I had been on both the receiving and giving end of this wrong approach and in doing so He told me…  This time, it is I Who is delivering you so that indeed you shall be made whole.  This is true for all of you, as well.  Looking or comparing ourselves to others we will always be in lack, but in looking to Jesus all He completed and finished on the cross is within us now.  As the FINISHER He said… IT IS FINISHED.  Now all we have to do is SURRENDER, BELIEVE IT AND WALK IT OUT, which gives us a hint why… He healed the lame man but told him first TO PICK UP HIS BED AND WALK.  You see the healing is already released, but our lack of walking it out is ours, not Jesus’s.  And by the way… the healing to wholeness is inside, not outside so much.  But that is for another day when we study what He meant when He spoke about those “seeking to save their own lives, rather than lose their lives for His sake.”

The Father truly with all sincerity is calling us to be content continually trusting in His sovereignty in our own lives.  To walk out of the Kingdom of Heartbreak into His Kingdom of tranquility where there are no losses, none whatsoever.  It is true, He may have removed some people or things from among us that were not destined to be in His Kingdom, but the heartbreak, in all honesty is because we were choosing to cling that which is not good for us instead of clinging to only that which is good.  Loss too was defeated at the cross.  The determining factor of which kingdom we reside in is based on the choices we make each day.  Today I choose Jesus and I pray you join me.

When you look into Scripture spiritually rather than with a carnal mind the inner wounds are healed.  I really wish I could have shared more about the Kingdom of God – it is spoken of all through His written word.  I know many of you all like to study so I encourage you to look up the passages which mention His Kingdom and nourish your souls in His well of words which bring life to your soul.  The Kingdom of God is at hand – it is not just to come one day, today is the day of salvation change.


💕love in Jesus ~ Angela

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