❤️SPIRITUAL DNA & THE 12 TRIBES ~ ROF Broadcast Transcript, July 16, 2021 with Angela

Good Morning and welcome to today’s ROF Ministries Broadcast.  How are you all doing?  I myself have been through the wringer it would seem again…  I guess this is our new norm! 

Trip with Uncle Chots – seeing things through a child’s eyes…

Journeying with Jesus is surely not for the fainthearted.  I’m learning if we say nothing sometimes, we are coming into agreement with iniquity all around us in order for it to flourish.  And those who prefer iniquity over righteousness do this weird thing, which I call a hit and run…  They will hit you with fiery darts out of their lips and then run away quickly, unfortunately they don’t stay away for long… lol…  Did I just say that outloud?  Yes, I did.  These are the agents of satan, as the Bible calls them – thorns in the flesh, to keep us humble, purify us and test us to see if our love walk matches our talk.  I must admit, sometimes mine does and sometimes it doesn’t, needing much more refining.  I tend to bridle my tongue when I should speak up and speak up when I should bridle my tongue quite often…. Lord help me.  Maybe some of you can relate?

We really need the word of the Lord, don’t we, to mold, fashion, oversee our lives, command us and cut things down which should not remain and will not be transferable as we transition into eternity.  Every word we read, we can apply into our lives with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.  May we continue to lay to our hearts our Father’s words and instruction.

I really want us to move forward in our studies, but before we do, I keep feeling a pressing in my spirit to finish up the Bridal DNA portion we were studying by focusing on the 12 tribes as overcomers of all things in this earthly realm.  With that being said, can we just walk by spirit today and not sight?  In order to fully grasp what the Lord is revealing to us we need to let go of all flesh as a spiritual being having a temporal experience, as one being sent here – only to return there, to our Heavenly Home.  Our DNA, as a child of God does not match any DNA of the earth and it definitely is not defined by male/female gender roles.  To get the revelation of God in today’s topic we must let go of that one aspect, to walk in the Heavenly realm together – where none are male or female, just souls. 

This shouldn’t be hard… You are already acclimated to including males within the Bride of Christ so for today I am asking you to consider that females could also be included within the 144,000 – which likely is going to scare some people off, while others you will have a confirming I knew it moment.  Many are fence riders, the Scriptures are okay to twist and apply to benefit what they already believe. Like it is okay to call a male a bride, but don’t dare touch the 144,000…  Well, obviously that’s not me.  So if you’re ready… Let’s do this!

We are going to hit the ground running right into Revelation 14 in a moment where the tribes are mentioned.  In order to understand why the tribes are not definitive male or female we must comprehend what a tribe is and was.  Back in the day to be within a tribe that belonged to the Lord it required just two things – 1) you must be a CHILD OF GOD 2) a part of a kindred of people – a family who shares a similar character AND THE TWO COMBINED places upon you DNA CHARACTERISTICS spiritually of just WHO YOU BELONG TO – hence, the word tribe is used.

So, here we go… Some people in the World today BELONG ALREADY TO THE TRIBE (family of God).  And that is the topic of today’s study, thank You Lord. 

Jesus’s Tribe and the Bride of Christ are intertwined –  both rejoice at His voice and another she will not follow, her joy is made full in HIM (John 3:29) and she has made herself ready (by surrendering and clothing herself in humility, wearing garments of praise unto Her King) – she is surrendered and longs for purification – she wears fine linen, His righteousness, clean/pure of mixture – is white and ready for harvest.  She never wears stained, strange or blotted garments.  In essence, she is hidden within the preeminence of Jesus – no one can tell where she ends and He begins – they are one.

So it is pretty obvious the Bride is spiritual, as all things spoken of in the Word, we just need the Lord to remove the scales from our eyes to see.  Take the sun for example, to those on Earth it is a ball of energy which radiates extreme heat.  To the Father, it is a luminary – a celestial being to rule the day, which actually means a cheerful lightbearer.  Now isn’t that something?

As one who is grafted into the branch we are all Jewish, containing the marking and searing of God upon us.  As a New Creature in Christ Jesus we are not Jew or Gentile any longer, not male or female, not free or bond – our identity is in Him.  Basically, we are dead to self, decreased so that He is increased and seen within us.  I’m sure you get my drift…

In keeping with all that revelation, let’s move into Revelation 14 and I will paraphrase, just like before pulling all Bridal Tribe information out to keep it more condensed from within the Bible so that we comprehend the redeemed qualities of this Bridal DNA found within the 12 tribes.  These are the 144,000 mentioned for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Here we go:

  • Bridal Tribes – the 144,000 are those WHO DWELL WITH GOD, identifying only with Him
  • Father’s name is written upon their foreheads
  • Their souls are before the Throne of God and they sing a new song, because their hearts have been changed
  • They have been redeemed from the Earth – meaning pulled away from it
  • They are undefiled – pure – no desire for fornication with the World or its ways or people who inhabit it
  • They are virgins – wise, awake, watching for their Bridegroom Jesus to appear and always longing/looking for Him every moment of everyday- this scripture compliments the wise virgins we have been studying – not fornicating with the World, like a harlot – they have full devotion to Jesus
  • The follow the Lamb wherever He goes, He leads, they follow their great Shephard, they do not take the lead – but follow in His footsteps, He alone is their example – they do not look to others to imitate, just Jesus
  • They have been redeemed from among men, chosen, as a first fruit (forerunner upon the Earth – things often happen to them first so that they may come along beside and assist others).  Something about a “first-fruit” you may not know is they are picked early because they are ripe and ready for harvesting early before all the other fruit.
  • There is no guile in their mouths (not beguiled, innocent and pure) because there is no guile in their hearts – purity resides due to the purification process they’ve been through – only the pure in heart shall see God – their hearts are pure, therefore so is all that flows out of it through their mouths – no mixture or bitterness will be found within them
  • They are without fault and blameless because they do not blame, find fault or accuse others and especially the Lord – they have returned to the innocence and simplicity of a child
  • They have been sealed by God as stated in Revelation 7 and carry the title of His servants, living and breathing for His assignments and commands to be carried out upon the Earth as chosen and good and useful vessels
  • They are a part of a great multitude no man can number (only the Lord knows the exact number) – they are from all Nations – which means “gatherings” here in this Scripture. 
  • They wear white robes – no longer wearing strange garments unfitting for royalty within the kingdom, while representing God’s Kingdom with excellency
  • They carry palms in their hands – not weapons, palms represents victory, triumph, peace and eternal life indicative of an overcomer.
  • They all came out as an overcomer through great tribulation (struggles, attacks, obstacles) and washed their robes (willingly surrendered to the purging and cleaning) and still choose Jesus through it all in order to BECOME WHITE – realizing it is a process and choice to walk through fire to get to Him – they may have little strength, but will never deny His Name
  • They stand before the throne spiritually, serving Him day and night, in HIM, HIM in you as One
  • They no longer hunger or thirst – as He is their source of substance for life – in all matters they go to Him and are satisfied
  • Jesus feeds them, leads, them and wipes away their tears with His comfort – He meets all their needs because He has made Himself available to those who seek Him with their whole hearts
  • They are clothed in fine linen, which are the righteous acts of the Saints, when we do unrighteous deeds our garments are spotted and unclean – we become compromised and tainted
  • They are blessed because they have been invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb – resembling just as the disciples walked the Earth with Jesus in His day, we have been granted a humbling opportunity to feast with Him each day – Those who He abides in and they in Him are partaking of life continually, no longer touching, seeing or tempted by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Its all about purity and what you receive into you that is not pure – by hearing, seeing, consuming defines the real truth of who you are in your soul nature.

Okay… I am sure most if not all of you can relate to most all of what He has given us so far.  The best advise I have for anyone these days is:  Just seek Jesus with all your heart, He never fails or looks away from one who is seeking Him and that’s a promise only He can and will fulfill.

Now… Sadly most today are seeking the signs over the sign – the appearing and return of our blessed hope, Jesus.  Most of this is going to fall upon the leaders within the church and are of no fault of your own, unless of course you choose knowledge once the truth has been revealed to you.  Many of us just go with what is being taught within the church realm for a very long time, then as we grow and venture out on our own a bit we begin to thirst and hunger for the Word ourselves, in that the Lord can teach us through the Holy Spirit.  Prophecy in the Old Testament is purposed way differently than the New Testament.  The OT is more about signs, while Jesus and the NT speaks mainly of Him, AS THE SIGN – so much so He told them it is a wicked generation which seeks a sign.  It was like THE SIGN they had been waiting for was standing right before them and they couldn’t even see it.  Well, the same is true to a degree today.  It is time to wake up virgins and see that prophecy, the Book of Revelation and all that has been written since Jesus departed is pointing for us to look for His return in the same way He left – in the clouds and to keep our eyes singularly focused only on Him, so that as the elect it is not possible for us to even be deceived.

Jesus spoke of the day of His return most often – even promising a crown of righteousness which is reserved only for those who love His appearing – love it to the point you long for it.  The less the World is within you or that you look to the World to satisfy your life – the more you long for His return and Him.  Not to escape, but to be one with Him in a way you cannot recall experiencing before by memory, however you soul knows the familiarity of your destiny already.

We know many will be offended at His return, evidenced now by how offended they get when you mention it…  These are those who neither love His appearing, let alone long for it.  Hopefully, all that will change the closer we get to this glorious day, by how signs are increasing more many are being stirred up and jarred awake and seeking Him in spirit and truth for the very first time in their lives.  Signs excite me for one reason alone, they point to Jesus’s return – they are not mesmerizing, enticing, stirring up my curiosity or anything other than… Jesus’s return is closer, as the signs get closer together as birthpains – I can breathe a little easier, strengthened to hold on another day.  Remember, shaking is like an alarm clock to a sleeping soul – and once more, the Lord is going to shake both the Heavens and the Earth.  If you are watching for Jesus every moment – you will not be caught off guard or soon shaken by any turbulence you will be faced with.  Look at it as an announcement of His arrival.

With all that is going on around us – we should be even more mindful to live Holy and righteously before Him, knowing at any moment He could return.  Our consistent prayer of the heart is that all come to the knowledge of this truth – that Jesus become their embraced promise of hope.  His eyes are right now searching the Earth for those who are His and never forget He sees everything we do, even in secret, we cannot hide anything or thought from Him.

It is undeniable many self-proclaimed believers don’t even want Jesus to return, let alone love the thought of it.  These are what we would call unwise virgins – and some even pray He delay His coming, sadly.  I often cringe when I hear them and pray the Father forgive them, they know not what they do.  I often hear the excuse they are afraid they have loved ones who are lost…  or maybe that statement is just said in ignorance – but the truth is – Jesus will not lose one of His own, so we trust, that He will come right on time and none of His will be lost.  Have you ever thought that He has ways we may not be aware of and that possibly since all will be without excuse that He may be the one who shows up to usher souls into eternity so that everyone has a final chance to accept or deny Him?  I often thought of that, obviously, but it is only one example to rest in knowing – He is not an exclusionary trickster who would find delight in secretly sending people to perish eternally.  If the Lord says all will be without excuse, then all will have a chance and be without excuse if they deny Him and that’s good enough for me.

We’ve often talked about the wise virgins, but here are some characteristics of unwise virgins who actually desire the Lord Jesus delay His coming, because they simply are not ready in whatever way that means to them personally:

  • They often smite their fellow servants
  • They tempt the Lord and discount the truth names can and will be blotted out of the Book of Life
  • They have this sort of false humility cloaked in spiritual pride – like once saved always saved or that you can do anything you want to do and still go to Heaven with willful rebellion and sin or on the otherside of the coin they judge others outwardly by the natural eye and deem others lost and unredeemable based on whether they measure up to their personal convictions and self-righteousness.  They judge before the time everyone but themselves.
  • They enjoy the pleasures of the World too much, the positions they hold or the honor they receive from men
  • They live on a temporal plane of focus rather than an eternal one, where Jesus is their all in all
  • When Jesus comes for His Bride, the wise ones – these all will be left behind because they were playin in the World too much and mainly in the church – they also are fully immersed into works based religion – winning souls and such… forgetting just who is the author and finisher of every believers faith.  The Father doesn’t need us, He loves us and uses us to assist people in ways that bring pleasure and glory to Himself.

Jesus’s Bride longs daily and continually for His return.  Just imagine someone you love so very much has been gone for a very long time – you’ve waited months to see them, dreamed of holding them again, you’ve even had daydreams of what it would be like when you see them again – how it all would play out…  Are you with me?  Many of you have had those same dreams as me and likely many times like I have…  Just imagining how He would come and what I would do, oh my…. It overwhelms me to think about it…

Just pretend for a moment you knew this loved one was coming and when they got within 10 miles they called you – you are dressed and ready, looking out the window and expectantly awaiting their arrival – you didn’t even sleep much the night before.  Everyone with me?  Okay… they call to say they are 10 minutes away – I’ve got a very important question for you… Would you say to them – hey, can you stop and pick up bread and milk on your way here or once you arrive just wait outside in the driveway, I have to mop my floor quick?  Of course you wouldn’t…. noooo way!  Lol

Well I used that example to give you a hypothetical word picture of the wise and unwise virgins – those who have fallen deeply in love with Jesus and those who haven’t.  Anytime we love someone in truth and purity we long for that person when they are absent from us.  Sadly, that type of love is rare these days – even towards Jesus.  There truly is only a remnant of first fruits who are ready and waiting to be harvested early.

Deep down many are really fearful of the Lord’s return because they know they are not ready for Him to come and are in denial of the why’s surrounding this unsettledness in their soul.  When a soul is still connected to the World in some way they prefer He delay and do not embrace the blessed hope of His return.  There is an absolute truth on this one…  When you have fallen in love with Jesus, you would walk away from everything, let go of it all to be unified with Him in every way and if that is you – then you are almost ready for harvesting.  For those who are a Bride in waiting there is an excitement of expectancy, not dread, with the thought of her Bridegroom returning. 

All over the place right now, messengers are sounding the alarm trumpet – Jesus is coming, which is a burden we carry with us all the time.  It seems to disturb and irritate those who are not longing for His return and just like an early morning alarm is irritating when you prefer to sleep – we irritate those who prefer to stay asleep.  I only say this so you understand why, you are rejected, mocked, ridiculed and such – if you are personally anointed by the Lord as a handmaiden to assist in getting the Bride ready, be prepared for much scoffing from inside and outside the sleepy church.  Repentance goes hand in hand with this trumpet blast on your lips – which only adds fuel to the fire of what you have been commissioned to proclaim that is irritating to many – repent is always on your lips because the Lord has shown you and you know without a shadow of doubt… the time is at hand – both to repent and be ready at any moment and few people want to hear it – without true and remorseful repentance a soul cannot be ready to enter into the Kingdom and it is a constant worry of the heart.  None of this gives a lot of comfort when given such an assignment, except I find it settling to have clarity and understanding on why people do what they do so we don’t take the opposition so personally.  Therefore, I hope this helps comfort you, as well.  Over time you just get used to it, I guess you could say.

One last thing…  We are told the Bride will make herself ready…  We can’t overlook the process of being made ready as if it is something that happens to us, knowing the Bride makes/participates in making herself ready.  In truth it is something we participate in willingly, by coming into agreement with the Lord having His way with us on every level.  We surrender all of self/ego in our rebellious nature as the old creature to be formed into a new creature.  Everything with the Lord is choice based, we have freewill to follow Him or not.  I realize many do not like hearing this because they do not like any responsibility regarding their faith, especially the ending of the journey here.  But, it is time to wake up to the part we play in our own choices and salvation – Jesus did it all for us upon the cross, but it is our decision whether we embrace Him and what He did or not.  And remember, only Jesus can change a heart and in order for Him to do so, that heart must cry out to Him first for saving – hence, why the shaking wakes up those who sleep in the Earth right now.

Not all of this waiting has a negative connotation to it – As a bride is making herself ready, she waits for her bridegroom to arrive – time and waiting seals the preparation process and cultivates excitement within us, heightening our expectancy.  As we look forward to that wedding day and the day draws closer and closer we can hardly stand it, which is how we should be in waiting for an ultimate heart’s desire.  Excitement about Jesus is never wrong – as a matter of fact He is Who we should be most excited about every day!  Watching for, hoping for and believing He is coming will alter your whole life because it gives you a real reality check over your priorities in this life.  Your walk is cleaner, your talk is more holy, your life is full of joy and peace when you are believing at any moment Jesus could come for you.  No wonder the enemy doesn’t want people looking upward to His return. 

And just as it is written, I’ve said many times that day will be great or terrible, depending on which virgin you are – wise or unwise.  I think we get lost in the wise part – remember this example was given in context for one moment in time – Jesus’s return.  Sadly, people twist and apply it to about every topic they can think of these days.  Let’s not do that – let’s keep it in context of how it was shared…  Wise or Unwise about – Jesus’s return and being ready for that event.  This wise and unwise label was not speaking of Scripture, signs, knowledge of good and evil and half of the subjects being taught today within the church house.  Nope – it was speaking only of a Bridegroom seeking a Bride who is ready, alert, watching FOR HIM to come get her and take her into the Bridal chamber, where the door is shut to all who were not wise about His return. 

Unfortunately, American churches especially, have evolved into being “anti-return of the Lord Jesus.”  That’s a scary but true thought.  Scary for them anyway.  This is mainly so because many within the American church operate by the anti-christ spirit and they do not even know it and that you all is an even scarier thought, isn’t it?  There is great push back surrounding Jesus’s return because it messes with comfort zones and egos and for those of us who are watching, we really look silly and like fools.  We need to realize that many who do gather in His Name, do not even know Him – because to know Him is to love Him, to love Him means you always want more of Him and until we are each FULLY reconciled unto Him we will not be FULLY satisfied, which explains why many of us long for that day of full reconciliation and also gives understanding why many do not.

We were given a commanded responsibility to do what?  Watch and wait for what?  Jesus’s return.  And while we are in waiting we are told to pray we are worthy – and dare I say it lest I offend many?  Pray that we are worthy to stand before Jesus when He comes and escape ALL that is coming upon the Earth.  So yes, I quoted it – I repeated that which was written by the inspiration of the Lord Jesus. 

There are many things now coming upon the Earth and there will be many more increasingly so.  It just boggles my mind why anyone would choose prideful thought patterns over what is clearly written we are to do during this time?  We frequently read things we may not agree with or understand in the Bible all the time – but that’s a mute point.  If it’s written, we need to obey it to the best of our ability, period. 

So I warn you…  If you haven’t yet applied this Scripture into your life – when you do so, you will be mocked, scoffed and ridiculed and called many names for taking the word as truth, just as it is written as a promise we can cling to on rough days especially. 

You will find when you are excited for Jesus to return, you lose all hopelessness of being stuck in this World, no longer running away from anything which is coming or has come, but rather are filled with great joy each and every day.  People may look down upon you as if you are trying to escape being here, but that isn’t true, no not at all – you just have simply found the one who your soul loves – Jesus.  And like the bright and morning star He is, you are overshadowed in His love so much that each day your desire grows more and more intense.  It is like you have this little secret between you and Him and no one can steal that promise away from you – you just know, He is coming just for you.  When people say that to me – I just tell them, I am not running away from anything, I am running to my Lord Jesus on that day if I am still here and not looking back or going back to get anything…  I am outta here!

But until that day He calls us home, in whatever fashion He chooses…  We must occupy this Earth until He does so, be His hands and feet and love lights in a place which is growing dimmer by the second.  We will work while it’s day, knowing many are called but few chosen and to serve Him by serving others is one of the most humbling and honored positions on this Earth to keep us intimately connected to Jesus.

Well, I hope this message today gave you some hope and joy in the Lord Jesus while you wait to be fully reconciled back to Him.  Many of us have a tendency to strive to hard to get close to those in our lives who might discount us or not put in the effort we do to be in relationship with them.  I pray you are encouraged today and motivated to put the same effort or more to be close to Jesus above all other relationships here on Earth.  By doing so, you will be fulfilled and satisfied while you are waiting.

I’m not quite sure what we will study next time, only to share what I am studying at the moment – 1 Corinthians 14:29 – which says:  Only two or three prophets should speak, and the others should judge what they say.  Talk about a hornet’s nest… lol…  to judge means, evaluate, consider and weigh by the Scriptures.  I will tell you, the Lord is showing me a true prophet is not threatened by having their words judged or measured by the Word of God because they have a humility within them and fear of the Lord in reverence pertaining to His word and have already judged themselves accordingly.  Realizing by the same way we judge others we too shall be judged – is not a threatening statement if we have pure hearts and clean hands.  Should the Lord lead me, I will discuss what He is showing me, otherwise this just could be a personal lesson – I just don’t know yet.

I want to thank you all for gathering with me today and thank you for your prayers and support of ROF Ministries. 

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