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One of my favorite Bible stories is when Mary, being pregnant with Jesus traveled to see Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John. And when they came close to one another ~ John leaped inside Elizabeth’s womb, recognizing Jesus before He was even born.I was pondering the womb… And how it was meant to be a full covering of protection, nurturing and comfort, where nothing can enter in to cause harm. A safe haven, if you will. A place of seclusion to give us an opportunity to grow in safety, prior to transitioning into a harsh, cold and dark World. I was also considering the honor which is bestowed upon the female, to actually be granted such a precious task of not only being a conduit of bringing life into the World, but sustaining it until ready to be delivered and afterwards…As a mother, I realize once a baby is born, quickly our influence on that child gradually diminishes, compared to carrying that child inside our wombs. We then get to hold and nurture, instead of carry. We bandage knees and comfort shattered hearts. We say no, when saying yes would be the easy route and we love with all that we are, until either they are no longer here or we aren’t, in which only seeds of love remain. It is almost as if, the Father Himself has appointed us as mothers to be tested and tried, through the strong will of a child. And I know we are supposed to be teaching them, but I often discover they are teaching me so much more than I am them about love itself.Every single human on Earth proceeded out of a womb, being fearfully and wonderfully fashioned and knitted by the Creator’s hands. There is so much dispute within humanity on when a fetus actually becomes a child. Often because people are looking for approval to do the unthinkable – to remove the sanctity of the womb and in it’s place, make it a choice whether to protect or compromise the life of an unborn child, placed within the barrier of its home, the womb. How did we forget John “knew” Jesus before entering the birth canal? And when did we to choose to ignore the truth of life as a blessing and not a bother?Although, I’ve never had an abortion or even had to make that decision, my heart breaks for the numerous people who are, to this day, fragmented and heartbroken over a regretful choice they made, believing they had no choice… so scared with no where to turn. Thankfully, Jesus forgives every sin when we confess to Him our faults, mine are likely worse than most, no doubt. Being in the ministry trying to love those back to wholeness I’ve observed what does remain long after the fragments of the baby are removed; guilt, shame, loneliness – like a piece of you died, constant mourning and regret. These are the aspects of abortion rarely spoken of, with most fixating on how it is the parent’s right to choose if their baby lives or dies or how many need to speak up for the little ones who have no voice. Well, honestly both is true, considering the darkness we live in nowadays, and I cannot believe I am even going to say this – but a mother does get to decide whether her baby will live or die and yes, more need to be that voice for the unborn who doesn’t have one.I was watching the saddest thing I’ve ever seen almost, the other day. There was a rally in which people were gathered and cheering for the promise granted to them, that very soon if they choose to abort a baby, it would be paid for, making it easy to undo what the Father had formed within them… And this overwhelming sadness washed over me and I cried… Is this what we’ve actually come to? Have we no shame or remorse or thought on the sanctity of life? How did we get here? What happened to turn our hearts so cold? And it dawned on me, when good stays silent, evil prevails. And right before me, I witnessed people calling evil good and good evil. Murder is murder – you can’t spin it, sugar coat it, make it political or sweeten it’s touch. What used to be shameful, hidden and not talked about is now something celebrated and that is what breaks my heart into pieces. It isn’t about the sin, we’ve all got areas we need to overcome and grow in. Its a matter of the heart, you cannot legislate love to regulate hate or equality and there is no celebration in one dying to save the life of another, save Jesus.We are on the precipice of a real wake up call due to increased lawlessness, it is my prayer we are all ready spiritually❤This World is not our Home… So today please join with me in lifting up all those who are suffering, unable to speak for themselves, hopeless and seeking comfort in places not founded in truth ~ as we celebrate life, continually thinking upon those things which are lovely.And for those of you who did make that regretful decision so long ago or even yesterday ~ Jesus was with you then and He’s with you now and you are most certainly loved fervently, because love is Who He is… He is for life, all life.❤Love Like Jesus ~ Angela

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    This was beautiful. I lost a child last year. It’s a long story. I advocated for abortion rights for years thinking I would never do it, but I couldn’t take that right away from someone else. I didn’t believe in it as a means of bc. I thought only if the mother’s life were in danger. Then I figured out how incredibly bad it is to advocate for such a thing and how wrong I had been. I repented and turned the other way.


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